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Assessment of Courses, Course Leaders and Students

The SOM Office of Medical Education oversees the ongoing assessment of courses, course leaders, faculty and students through its interactions with faculty and administrative personnel and its management of MedHub, the School of Medicine curriculum and evaluation tool.

In the first and second years, narrative feedback and formative assessments are given to students in preclinical courses. Students also receive regular feedback about punctuality, communication skills, interactions and other observed behavior from assigned preceptors in the course, "Introduction to Medical Profession II." Also in the first and second years, all students complete self and peer evaluations of professionalism, which are designed to assess its components along with compassion, and respect for patients and individuals.

In the third and fourth years, all students are evaluated using the standard Medical Student Clinical Performance Evaluation Form (MSCPE), which is administered through the MedHub system. The MSCPE includes not only categories that evaluate student education and performance associated with the areas of ethical behavior and human values, but also narrative comments. The information is collected from resident and faculty interactions with students, and reviewed by both clerkship directors and the SOM Office of Medical Education. Data is later extracted for use on the Medical Student Performance Evaluation (MSPE), which is completed for all students applying for residency. 

At the conclusion of each required course or clinical rotation, the Carl G. Evers, MD Society, a student-led honorary organization, also evaluates aspects of each required medical school course. Students respond to questions regarding the overall course, textbooks, lectures, clinical presentations, and individual faculty members. Society members then prepare a report for each course. Concerns identified are carefully considered by the course directors, department chairs, the chair of the SOM Curriculum Committee and the assistant dean for curriculum, along with the Evaluation and Assessment Subcommittee of the Curriculum Committee, and changes are made as appropriate.