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What is MESRE?

MESRE is the section of the GEA for Medical Education Scholarship Research and Evaluation. The goal of the national MESRE Section is to continuously improve the conduct of medical education research, through enhancing scholarship efforts and improving the quality of training for medical education research and scholarship. Each region of the GEA (SGEA, NEGEA, WGEA, and CGEA) has a MESRE chair, who serves on the AAMC’s national MESRE Section Steering Committee and the region’s Steering Committee. Some regions, like the SGEA, have a chair-elect as well. 

Who are your representatives for MESRE?

The SGEA MESRE chair and chair-elect are elected positions. The SGEA MESRE chair’s primary responsibilities are national and regional committee work related to MESRE initiatives, planning and facilitating MESRE Section meetings and sessions at the SGEA and AAMC meetings, overseeing awards programs at the SGEA meetings, and overseeing the SGEA’s small grants program. The chair-elect works with the MESRE chair for two years and then assumes the MESRE chair position.

  • SGEA MESRE Chair (2018-20)
    Cayla R. Teal, PhD
    Associate Dean for Evaluation and Assessment
    Research Associate Professor
    Texas A&M College of Medicine
    (512) 341-995
  • SGEA MESRE Chair-Elect (2020-22)
    Elizabeth Bradley, PhD
    Director of Curriculum Evaluation
    Assistant Professor of Research
    (434) 243-6663