• Quality Enhancement Plan

    Ethics, communications and professionalism are essential components of outstanding, compassionate, evidenced-based, behavior-oriented and patient-centered health care. The faculty and staff of the Center for Bioethics and Medical Humanities, under the auspices of the UMMC Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP), assess programs and course materials used in classes offered by the six schools at the Jackson campus to determine their effectiveness in generating student-trainee-faculty discussion, reflection and engagement of these crucial skills.

    Findings from these QEP assessments are then applied to create evolving "Professionalism Across the Curriculum" training modules that can be integrated within existing curricula. A further goal of the UMMC Quality Enhancement Plan is to develop an online Resource Catalog to help UMMC administrators, faculty, trainees and students advance and sustain a more profound engagement with patient care across every service, education and research activity. These web-based Professionalism Across the Curriculum training modules will permit incorporation within existing class structures, whether discipline-specific or interprofessional, as well as within small and large group constructs.

    QEP training modules and approaches will focus directly on the ethics, communications and professionalism skills needed to successfully contribute to interprofessional, vertical health-care delivery systems and biomedical research. These modules and approaches will provide foundational opportunities and training interventions to help improve both clinical care outcomes and research trajectories toward translation of laboratory findings to the clinic armamentarium.