July 10, 2023

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UMMC staff receive service recognition

Published on Monday, July 10, 2023

Medical Center leadership is proud to acknowledge those employees who will celebrate service anniversaries during the week of July 10 - 16. 

25 Years

Charles Tolbert, Associate Professor, SOD-Care Plan & Restor Scien 

Lucianna Wells, Supv-Business Operations (CAS), SOM-Pediatrics 

20 Years

Latasha Moses, RN-Abdominal Transplant Coord (CS), Transplant-Kidney 

15 Years

Derek Holt, Assistant Professor, SON-Instruction School Nursing 

Emily Hall, Supv-Business & Clinic Ops (AAS), SOM-Emergency Medicine 

Ashley Prendez, Child Life Specialist (CH), Nurses-Child Life Specialists 

Eryn Toney, Dir-Ambulatory Operations (UA), SOM-Preventive Medicine 

10 Years

Kathy Webster, Executive Assistant (AAS), SHR-Physical Therapy 

Jennifer Vaughan, Certified Medical Assistant, UP Neurology-General 

Dominique Thomas, Certified Nursing Assistant (UH), UH-2 North 

William Black, Associate Professor, SOM-Dermatology 

5 Years

Leydi Meneses, Assistant Professor, SOD-Advanced General Dentistry 

Rose Alexander, Medical Laboratory Scientist-Registered (UH), Clinical Lab-Bacteriology 

Jennifer Haseloff, RN II-PICC (UH), PICC-Antimicrobial Svc 

Lauren Turner, Nurse Practitioner, SOM-Preventive Medicine 

Jason Williams, Director of SOM Radiology IT, SOM-Radiology 

Candace Donahue, Supv-Clinic Operations (UA), UP Fam Med-Lakeland 

Mauricio Pretelt, Assistant Professor, SOM-Peds-Genetics 

Lori Ward, Assistant Professor, SPH-Population Health Science 

Elizabeth Terrell, RN II (UH), UH-4 South 

Kimyatta Reese-Bozeman, Bus Sys-App Coord/Anly-Interm, SER-DIS-Core 

Sara Jones, Clinical Pharmacy Specialist (UH), SSC-Pharmacy 

Catherine Freeman, CRNA, SOM-Anesthesiology 

Keith Rawls, Systems Admin-Intermediate, SER-DIS-Core 

Latonia Richardson, Social Worker II-Ambulatory, SOM-Peds-Endocrinology 

Shawn Ware, Endoscopy Tech (UH), UH-Gastro Lab 

Memrie Cochran, Project Manager I (AAS), SOM-Medicine-CARD 

Eleanor Young, Physician Scheduler II – Remote, UP Derm-Support Services 

Danielle Robinson, Administrative Assistant II (AAS), SOM-Radiation/Oncology 

1 Year

Mary Nichols, RN I-PRN-Health System Tiered (UH), Emergency Dept-UH 

Karl Owens, Reg Respiratory Therapist Relief (UH), UH-Respiratory Therapy 

Kewanza Young, RN Relief-Med Surg (UH), Obstetric Receiving 

Mallory Stewart, RN Relief-PICU (CH), BCH-Pediatric ICU 

Lisa Schell, Nurse Practitioner-Neonatal PT (Provider), UP Peds-Neonatology 

Robert Douglas, Executive Director- Revenue Cycle Support Services, Int Access-Exec Leadership 

Danielle Thomas, RN II Adult ED (UH), Emergency Dept-UH 

Wendy Fields, RN I-PRN-Health System Tiered (UH), UH Nursing -Med Surg 4 Wiser 

Christal Lewis, Reg Respiratory Therapist-PRN (CH), Respiratory Therapy-BCH 

Alicia Taylor, Certified Medical Asst (UA), UPA-Ambulatory Float Pool 

Cheryl Matory, Police Officer, SER-Campus Police 

Nicole Lewis, Medical Office Assistant (UA), UP Int Med-Pavilion Ste G&F 

Mary Ann Twedt, Radiologic Technologist (UH), Radiology-Diagnostic-UH 

Jena Herrington, RN I-Procedural (UH), Ambulatory Surgery-OP UH 

Christy Logan, Dental Hygiene Educator, SOD-Perio & Preventive Science 

Lakeisha Jones, Customer Care Rep (CS), UP Ortho-Pavilion Ste D & I 

Stephen Slade, RN I-PRN (GH), GMC-Emergency 

Clarinette Walton, Unit Secretary (UH), UH-7 South 

Rachel Ryan, RN I-PRN-Health System Tiered (UH), UH-2 South 

Kunal Bhatia, Assistant Professor, SOM-Neurology 

Satyapal Chahar, Assistant Professor, SOM-Pathology 

Alejandro Lemor, Assistant Professor, SOM-Medicine-CARD 

Syed Abbas, Assistant Professor, SOM-Pathology 

Ashleigh York, Assistant Professor, SOM-Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery 

Sarah Wert, RN I-PRN-Health System Tiered (CH), BCH-Pediatric ICU 

Natalie Smyth, Occupational Therapist (CS), Occupational Therapy-UH 

Alexis Vollenweider, RN I-Periop (UH), Surgical Suite-WH 

Leslie Reynolds, Histotechnologist (UH), Surgical Pathology 

Sara Carpenter, Surgical Tech I (UH), Surgical Suite-UH 

Ellen Adams, Social Worker II (PSS), UH-Utilization Management 

Savannah Taylor, Dental Assistant I, SOD-Advanced General Dentistry 

Molly Weissinger, Emergency Room Tech (CH), Emergency Dept-BCH 

Sheree Carter, Unit Secretary (UH), UH-2 North 

Reagan Boatman, Pharmacy Tech I (GH), GMC-Pharmacy 

Tatyana Mack, Cert Phlebotomist (UH), Central Lab-Collection 

Latasha Willis, Web Content Coord, SER-Communications and Marketing 

Jyron Stewart, Hospital Tech I (UH), UH-2 North 

Makayla Cutter, Laboratory Technician III (UH), SSC-Blood Bank 

Lorraina Burkes, RN I-Inpatient (CH), BCH-Pediatric ICU 

Marcus Green, Police Officer, SER-Campus Police 

Robert Reeves, Autocad Tech, SER-Office of Planning 

Kimberly Mosley-Moncure, Police Officer, SER-Campus Police 

Shamiya Logan, Medical Office Assistant (CAS), SOM-Medicine-ID 

Lashunda Brown, Patient Access Data Integrity Specialist I (SS), Int Access-Admissions 

Jordan Luker, Hospital Tech I (CH), BCH-Newborn ICU 

Candias Johnson, Patient Access Data Integrity Specialist III (SS), Int Access-Admissions 

Karen Hodge, Storeroom Supervisor-SOD, SOD-Business Administration 

Kimberly Patton, Radiologic Technologist (CH), BCH-Radiology Diagnostic 

Armica Holmes, Dental Assistant I, SOD-Endodontics 

Victoria Jensen, Medical Laboratory Scientist-Registered (UH), Clinical Lab-Bacteriology 

Denise Owens, Patient Access Data Integrity Specialist I (SS), Int Access-Admissions 

Jared Allen, Staffing Coordinator, Administration-UH 

Amelia Bryant, Pharmacy Intern (UH), SSC-Pharmacy 

Carnesha Green, Patient Access Data Integrity Specialist I (SS), Int Access-Admissions 

Seth Barber, RN I-Inpatient Weekender (CH), BCH-5C Pediatric Unit 

Christina Carter, RN I-Inpatient Adult ED (UH), Emergency Dept-UH 

Natasha Johnson, Payroll Processing Coordinator, SER-Payroll Office 

Lillian Trippe, Emergency Room Tech (UH), Emergency Dept-UH 

Jeanette Warren, Hospital Tech II (UH), Post Anesthesia Care Unit-UH 

Mary Gillespie, Work Study Student, SER-Office of Financial Aid 

Mary Johnston,RN I-Inpatient (CH), BCH-Newborn ICU 

Joshua Alinsub, RN I-Critical Care (UH), CCH-2 Micu 

Quonsheryl Pittman, RN Relief-Med Surg (UH), UH-5 North 

Aleah Summers, RN Relief-Med Surg (UH), UH-5 North 

Robin Gunter, Surgical Tech I (UH), Surgical Suite-UH 

Misty Passons, RN I-Inpatient (UH), CCH-Neuro Science ICU 

Trokesa Love, Monitor Technician (UH), Nurses-Monitor Technicians 

Anton Jackson, Ambassador-PRN (UH), Ambassadors 

Tranelia Cox, Certified Medical Assistant, SOM-Orthopedic Surgery 

Kimberly Brewer, Occupational Therapist-PRN (CS), Occupational Therapy-Pav 

Maria Corley, RN I-Inpatient Weekender Overnight (UH), Nursing Resource Team 

Chesnee Miller, Certified Athletic Trainer, SOM-Orthopedic Surgery 

Madison Alford, Medical Laboratory Scientist-Registered (UH), Clinical Lab-Bacteriology 

Jordan DeSantis, RN I-Inpatient Adult ED (UH), Emergency Dept-UH 

Skylar McPhail, Hospital Tech I (CH), BCH-Newborn ICU 

Kameron Morris, Hospital Tech I (UH), UH-3 North