June 26, 2023

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UMMC staff receive service recognition

Published on Monday, June 26, 2023

Medical Center leadership is proud to acknowledge those employees who will celebrate service anniversaries during the week of June 26 - July 2.

40 Years

Charles Caskey, Associate Professor, SOD-Perio & Preventive Science 

35 Years

Eric Undesser, Associate Professor, SOM-Neurology

30 Years

Marion Wofford, Professor, SOM-Medicine-GSOM 

25 Years

Christian Woods, Nurse Manager I (A&R), SOM-Neurology 

Michael Doherty, Professor, SOM-Radiology 

William Daley, Professor, SOM-Pathology 

Olga Ostrovsky, Assistant Professor, SOM-Anesthesiology 

David Colby, Charge Technologist-Lab Svcs BBL (UH), SSC-Blood Bank

20 Years

Adrian Davis, RN II Adult ED (UH), Emergency Dept-UH 

Youguo Xu, Scientist III, SOM-Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery 

Benjamin Dillard, Division Chief, SOM-Peds-Emergency 

Laura Vick, Professor, SOM-Surgery-General 

Catherine Gordon, Associate Professor, SOM-Peds-Hematology/Oncology 

Andrew Anderson Jr., Professor, SOM-Emergency Medicine 

Bo Huang, Professor, SOM-Ophthalmology 

Ike Eriator, Professor, SOM-Anesthesiology 

15 Years

Ylanda Loving, Epic-App Analyst-Senior, SER-DIS-Core 

Betty Melton, Professor, SOM-Peds-Hematology/Oncology 

Douglas Wolfe, Professor, SOM-Medicine-CARD 

Frederick Asher, Associate Professor, SOM-Medicine-HOSP 

Mary Stewart, Director, SON-Instruction School Nursing 

James Pollard, Associate Professor, SOM-Medicine-CARD 

Seema McKenzie, Assistant Professor, SOM-Medicine-HOSP 

Sarah Sterling, Associate Professor, SOM-Emergency Medicine 

Carter Milner, Associate Professor, SOM-Medicine-HEM 

Rachael Morris,Associate Professor, SOM-Obstetrics & Gynecology 

Michael Morris Jr., Associate Professor, SOM-Surgery-General Pediatric 

Scott Benton, Division Chief, SOM-Peds-Forensic Medicine 

Ronald Caloss Jr., Professor, SOD-Oral-Maxfcial Srg/Pathlgy 

Mobolaji Famuyide, Chief-Pediatric Neonatology, SOM-Peds-Neonatology 

Mohammad Ullah, Associate Professor, SOM-Medicine-GSOM 

DeAngela McIntosh, Administrative Assistant II (UH), UH-Nursing Administration 

Sharon Rowell, EP Device Tech (CS), Select Device Clinic 

Jennifer Godbold, Nurse Practitioner, SOM-Surgery-General 

10 Years

John Henegan, Associate Professor, SOM-Medicine-HEM 

Elizabeth Sims, Assistant Professor, SOM-Peds-Ambulatory 

Nilda Williams, Assistant Professor, SOM-Radiology 

Nicholas Hoda, Associate Professor, SOM-Emergency Medicine 

Chelsea Steele, Assistant Professor, SOM-Dermatology 

Jessica Perkins, Assistant Professor, SOM-Peds-Allergy 

Shashank Shekhar, Assistant Professor, SOM-Neurology 

Joseph Doherty, Assistant Professor, SOM-Emergency Medicine 

Vishnu Garla, Associate Professor, SOM-Medicine-ENDO 

Brandon Lennep, Assistant Professor, SOM-Medicine-CARD 

Jeffrey Brown, Assistant Professor, SOD-Oral-Maxfcial Srg/Pathlgy 

William Watkins Jr., Associate Professor, SOM-Ophthalmology 

John Ingram, Professor, SOM-Peds-Neurology 

Laura Latham, Pharmacist (UH), SSC-Pharmacy 

Mallori Berry, Clinical Pharmacy Specialist (UH), Retail Pharmacy-Specialty 

Brandy Beck, Mgr-Radiology Diagnostics (UH), Radiology-Diagnostic-UH 

Ivonne Galarza, Associate Professor, SOM-Peds-Ambulatory 

Lana Jackson, Professor, SOM-Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery 

Beatrice Stevens, HR Service Partner-Emp Rel & Complc, SER-HR-Employee Relations 

5 Years

John Criscuolo, Assistant Professor, SOM-Peds-Cardiology 

Sarah Araji, Assistant Professor, SOM-Obstetrics & Gynecology 

Nicholas McAfee, Assistant Professor, SOM-Psychiatry 

Kellan Ashley, Associate Professor, SOM-Medicine-CARD 

Anita Kinzey, Supv-Reg Respiratory Therapy (UH), UH-Respiratory Therapy 

Shemina Ransom, Nurse Practitioner, SOM-Medicine-ENDO 

Matthew Maready, Assistant Professor, SOM-Peds-Emergency 

Jessica Lavender, Assistant Professor, SOM-Medicine-GSOM 

Jackson Rice, Corp Director Decision Support, SER-Decision Support 

John Green, Assistant Professor, SOM-Ophthalmology 

Michael Welsch, Professor, SPH-Population Health Science 

Mary Porter, Assistant Professor, SOM-Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery 

Adam Cooper, Alumni Engagement Officer, SER-Office of Development 

Roya Attar, Assistant Professor, SOM-Ophthalmology 

Dakota Taylor, Pharmacist (UH), SSC-Pharmacy 

Kendall Wilcher, Supv-IR Nursing (UH), Interventional Radiology Svcs 

Anna Touchstone, Supv-Pharmacy (UH), SSC-Pharmacy Admin 

Martha Rodgers, Occupational Therapist (CA), Occupational Therapy-BCH 

Victoria Henry, Charge Technologist-Lab Svcs (UH), Clinical Lab-Hematology 

Reanna Hales, Medical Laboratory Scientist-Registered (UH), Lab-Molecular Pathology 

Courtney Walker, Assistant Professor, SOM-Psychiatry 

Christine Williams, LPN-Ambulatory (CA), UP Peds-Bridgewater 

Gigi Holder, Social Worker III (LCSW), SOM-Psychiatry

1 Year

Michael Hodges, RN Relief -NICU (CH), BCH-Newborn ICU 

Valenzia Shavers, RN I-Inpatient (CH), BCH-2C Pediatric Unit 

Jada O'Banner, Medical Laboratory Scientist BBL-Registered (UH), SSC-Blood Bank 

Austin Conn, CRNA, SOM-Anesthesiology 

Zachary Conn, CRNA, SOM-Anesthesiology 

Nicholas Whittington, RN II-Cath and Electrophysiology Lb (CS), Cardiac Cath-Adult 

Stephanie Jordan, RN I-PRN (GH), GMC-Emergency 

Vamshi Gorantla, House Officer, SOM-Pathology 

Victoria Prete, House Officer, SOM-Graduate Medical Education 

Shenae Cummings, House Officer, SOM-Medicine-INT/RES/FEL 

Miguel Solorzano, House Officer, SOD-Advanced General Dentistry 

Ying Zhang, Enterprise Informatics Analyst, SER-CIA 

Madison Peyton, Physical Therapist Resident (A&R), SHR-Physical Therapy 

April Mitchell, Nurse Practitioner, UP TH-Mental Health 

Amberia Sumrell, Phlebotomist (UH), Central Lab-Collection 

Shannon Bounds, Reg Diagnostic Sonographer-PRN (CH), Echocardiogram-Pediatrics 

Andrea Williams, Patient Access Data Integrity Specialist I (SS), Int Access-Admissions 

Will Jones IV, Painter, SER-Bldg Maint-Paint Shop 

Indira Rambarran, Emergency Room Tech (CH), Emergency Dept-BCH 

Madison Berry, RN I-Inpatient (CH), BCH-Newborn ICU 

Anna Watkins, RN I-PACU (UH), Post Anesthesia Care Unit-OPUH 

Andrea Goodwin, RN I-Acute Care (UH), Nursing Resource Team 

Florence Austin, Patient Access Data Integrity Specialist II (SS), SSA-Ancillary Scheduling 

Kaila McDowell, RN I-Clinic-South MS (CA), UP Peds-Gulfport 

Gina Banks, Sales Clerk, Bookstore 

Malcolm Curry, Customer Care Rep (UA), UP Fam Med-Support Services 

Jacob Hearin, Researcher II-Basic Science Lab, SOM-Pharmacology/Toxicology 

Travis Hardge, RN I-Inpatient (UH), UH-7 East-Med Psych 

Tayler Vercher,Student Nurse Tech (CH), BCH-Pediatric ICU 

Parneet Kang, RN I-Inpatient Adult ED (UH), Emergency Dept-UH 

Rosetta Hayes, Supply Tech I (SS), Materials Management 

Calen Lewis, RN I-Inpatient (CH), Emergency Dept-BCH 

Brooke Hall, RN I-Inpatient (CH), Emergency Dept-BCH 

Alexis Gaines, RN I-Inpatient (CH), BCH-Pediatric ICU 

Kaitlyn Johnson, RN I-Inpatient (CH), BCH-Pediatric ICU 

Macey Abraham, RN I-Inpatient (CH), Emergency Dept-BCH 

Tandia Evans, RN Relief -NICU (CH), BCH-Newborn ICU 

Kaitlyn Parker, RN I-Inpatient (CH), BCH-Pediatric ICU 

Whittney Eakins, RN I-Inpatient (CH), BCH-Newborn ICU 

Amanda Prince, RN Relief -NICU (CH), BCH-Newborn ICU 

Mauri Colvin, RN I-Ambulatory-Direct Care, UP Peds-Cardiology 

Janesia Smoots, RN I-PRN-Health System Tiered (UH), WH-3 MBU 

Robin Russell, Occupational Therapist (CS), Occupational Therapy-Pav 

Titianna McGrew, Medical Laboratory Technician (CH), Clinical Lab-Nursery 

Audrey Cooper, RN I-Acute Care (UH), WH-3 MBU 

Ivorie Taylor, Neurophysiology Tech I (UH), Neurophysiology Lab 

Shannon Kirkpatrick, RN I-Inpatient Adult ED (UH), Emergency Dept-UH 

Mahmoodreza Torkaman, House Officer, SOM-Anesthesiology 

John Correia, Professor, SOM-Cell and Molecular Biology 

Ian Paul, Professor, SOM-Psychiatry 

Laura Freeman, Nurse Practitioner-Neonatal PT (Provider), SOM-Peds-Neonatology 

John Rushing, Assistant Professor, SOM-Obstetrics & Gynecology 

Haroon Mujahid, House Officer, SOM-Medicine-CARD 

Joseph Lewis, Hospital Finance Director (SS), SSA-Finance 

Justin Manley, Assistant Professor, SOM-Surgery-Vascular 

Linda Upchurch, Associate Professor, SON-Instruction School Nursing 

Kaisha Griffin, Assistant Professor, SOM-Peds-Ambulatory 

Richard Duszak Jr., Chair, SOM-Radiology 

Charly Edwards, Assistant Professor, SOD-Endodontics 

Inder Kaur, House Officer, SPH-Dept Preventive Medicine 

Muhammad Bhatti, House Officer, SOM-Neurology 

Scarlett Tucker, House Officer, SOM-Graduate Medical Education 

Saif Al-Mudares, House Officer, SOM-Surgery-Trauma/Critical Ca 

Ritica Chaudhary, House Officer, SOM-Pathology 

Graham Endler, House Officer, SOM-Surgery-Vascular 

Jiwon Min, Resident, SOM-Psychiatry 

Felicitas Huber, Resident, SOM-Psychiatry 

Delanie Morales, Resident, SOM-Psychiatry 

Megan Hare, Resident, SOM-Psychiatry 

Rachel Carpenter, Resident, SOM-Psychiatry 

Feven Ogbaselase-Beck, Resident, SOM-Psychiatry 

Ismail Ganim, House Officer, SOM-Medicine-DIG DIS 

Harrison Line, Physicist Resident, SOM-Radiation/Oncology 

Gary Bishop, Professor, SOM-Pharmacology/Toxicology 

Benjamin Walker, Assistant Professor, SPH-Population Health Science 

Kimberly Fortner, House Officer, SOD-Adv Educ General Dentistry 

Chelsea Thadison, Certified Medical Asst (CS), UP Int Med-Cardio Pavilion StB 

Jessica Cannon, Pharmacy Resident (UH), SSC-Pharmacy Admin 

Isaac Dodd, Assistant Professor, SOM-Medicine-HOSP 

Cody Wentz, RN-Inpatient Relief Critical Care(UH), CCH-2 Micu 

Yamrot Sileshi, RN I-Acute Care (UH), UH-4 South