November 14, 2022

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UMMC staff receive service recognition

Published on Monday, November 14, 2022

Medical Center leadership is proud to acknowledge those employees who will celebrate service anniversaries during the week of November 7 - 13.

25 Years

Tracy Hicks-Isaac, Administrative Assistant I (UH), Coordinated Care-UH 

Cary Campbell, RN-Care Coordinator, SOM-Peds-Cardiology 

20 Years

Rose Reed, Hospital Tech II (UH), Obstetric Receiving 

Veronica Smith, Administrative Assistant II (CH), Fetal Center 

Debra Baker, Billing Specialist III, SOD-Patient Financial Services 

Amanda Parks, Supv-Revenue Cycle Operations (SS), Int Access-Admissions 

15 Years 

Stacy Baughn, Dir-Business Operations (UH), SSC-Pharmacy Admin 

10 Years 

Jesse Moore, Medical Laboratory Scientist-Registered (UH), Division Lab Med-Coagulation 

Marc Rolph, Exec Dir-Communication and Marketing, SER-Communications and Marketing 

Brandon Boyd, Pharmacy Tech III (UH), SSC-Pharmacy

5 Years 

Jacqueline Moore, RN I-Inpatient (UH), UH-5 South 

Tiffany Owens, Psychometrist & Research Coordinator-MIND Center, SOM-MIND Center 

Sally Proffitt, Nurse Practitioner, SOM-Anesthesiology 

Mercedes Casey, Unit Secretary (UH), UH-4 South 

Anita Bailey, RN-Case Manager I, SOM-Medicine-ID 

Maree White, Certified Medical Assistant Research, SOM-MIND Center 

Luressie Jones, Medical Laboratory Scientist-Registered (UH), Lab-Molecular Pathology 

Leigh Randall, Standardized Patient, SOM-Clinical Skills Assess Ctr 

Ebony Burnley, Supply Tech I (SS), OR Materials Management 

Shanika Donald, Patient Access Data Integrity Specialist II (SS), Int Access-Admissions 

1 Year 

Taran Kaur, RN I-PRN-Health System (CH), BCH-3 Cir Pediatric Psych 

Ashley McCarley, RN-Periop (GH), GMC-Recovery Room 

Kenya Barnes-Bean, Certified Medical Asst (UA), UPA-Grants Ferry Hallway 6 

Samantha Rigdon, RN I-PRN-Health System (CH), BCH-Newborn ICU 

Scott Rhodes, Physical Therapist (CS), Physical Therapy-Pav 

Amy Hill, Radiologic Technologist (CH), BCH-Radiology Diagnostic 

Kimberlyn Williams, Patient Financial Services Coordinator I (SS), Int Access-Fin Counseling 

Krystal Nichols, Medical Office Assistant (UA), UPA-Grants Ferry Patient Svcs 

Kimberly White, Unit Secretary (UH), WH-3 MBU 

Tyerria Hobson, Patient Financial Services Coordinator I (SS), Int Access-Fin Counseling 

Heather Walker, RN I-Ambulatory (CA), Batson Specialty Clinic 

Tifina McClinton, Supply Tech I (SS), Materials Management 

Cori McDonald, LPN-Clinic (GA), GP-Family Medicine Clinic 

Khalijah Johnson, Hospital Tech I (CH), BCH-Newborn ICU 

Erica Scott, Courier-Sterile Processing (UH), Sterile Processing 

Jenny Toins, Cert Phlebotomist (UH), Lab-Adult Hematology 

Tiyana James, Certified Nursing Assistant (CH), BCH-2C Pediatric Unit 

Trisha Blacksher, Certified Nursing Assistant (CH), BCH-5C Pediatric Unit 

Austin Woolbright, RN I-Inpatient Adult ED (UH), Emergency Dept-UH 

Gloria Ervin, RN-Inpatient Relief Critical Care(UH), CCH-CICU 

Ruby Drake, Certified Dialysis Tech (UH), Dialysis-Outpatient-Mall 

Paul Harvey, RN-Inpatient Relief Critical Care(UH), CCH-CICU 

Casey Upton, RN-Inpatient Relief Critical Care(UH), CCH-Surgical ICU 

Casey Downey, RN Relief-Med Surg (UH), UH-4 North 

Nida Ware, RN Relief-Med Surg (UH), UH-2 South 

Tequila Bell, Certified Dialysis Tech (UH), Dialysis-Outpatient-Mall 

Kacie Jackson, RN Relief-Med Surg (UH), UH-2 North 

Cassie Coats, RN-Inpatient Relief Critical Care(UH), CCH-2 Micu 

Andrea Dilworth, Editor-Writer, SER-Communications and Marketing