October 31, 2022

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UMMC staff receive service recognition

Published on Monday, October 31, 2022

Medical Center leadership is proud to acknowledge those employees who will celebrate service anniversaries during the week of October 31 - November 6.

20 Years 

Kimberley Martindale, Dir-Reimbursement (SS), Reimbursement

15 Years 

Denise Pouncey, Associate Professor, SOM-Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery 

Stephanie Smith, Call Center Rep III (UA), UPA-Access Guides 

Emily Fratesi, RN-Clinical Research, SOM-Peds-Pulmonary 

Deborah Richardson, RN II-Acute Care (UH), WH-3 MBU 

10 Years 

Quenita Green, Staffing Specialist (UH), Nursing Resource Team 

Jennifer Randall, RN-Transport (UH), UH-Adult Critical Transport 

5 Years 

Aubrey Williamson, Assistant Professor, SOM-Anesthesiology 

James Westmoreland, Clin Informatics Pharmacist-PT (UH), SSC-Pharmacy Admin 

Sandra McCraney, RN-Care Coordinator-Surgery, SOM-Surgery-General 

Linda Schmidt, Associate Professor, SOM-Peds-Allergy 

Sheree Deer, Medical Laboratory Scientist-Registered (UH), Division Lab Med-Coagulation 

Shou-Ching Tang, Professor, SOM-Medicine-HEM 

Brianna McCue, RN I-Inpatient-PT (CH), Emergency Dept-BCH 

Finney Moore, Standardized Patient, SOM-Clinical Skills Assess Ctr 

Noruwa Agho, Sponsored Pgm Project Mgr I, SER-Div Res & Sponsored Proj 

1 Year 

Leslie Sanders, RN I-Inpatient (CH), BCH-Pediatric ICU 

Tonya Joyner, Patient Financial Services Coordinator I (SS), SSA-Patient Financial Svcs 

LaShonda Johnson, Sterile Processing Tech II (CH), BCH-Sterile Processing 

Brandi McGee, Ophthalmic Surg Tech (UA), UP Ophth-Lakeland 

Kimberly Edwards, OR Assistant (GH), GMC-Surgery 

Jonathan Tate, Sterile Processing Tech I (UH), Sterile Processing 

Shemekia Garrett, Cert Phlebotomist (CH), Clinical Lab-Nursery 

Savannah Johnson, Radiologic Technologist (GH), GMC-Radiology 

Hadley Slay, Student Nurse Tech II (CH), BCH-4C Pediatric Unit 

Shenna Brown, Mental Health Technician (CH), BCH-Pediatric Float 

Heather Batte, RN I-PACU (UH), Post Anesthesia Care Unit-UH 

Joshua Majors, RN I-Inpatient (CH), BCH-2C Pediatric Unit 

Tylaja Lewis, Physician Scheduler I (CS), UP Ortho-Support Services 

Angelina Reid, Psychiatric Tech (UH), UH-7 East-Med Psych 

Natalie Butler, Hospital Tech I (UH), WH-3 MBU 

LaNija Cooper, Hospital Tech I (UH), UH-5 South 

Charlene Usry, RN Relief-Med Surg (UH), UH Nursing -Med Surg 4 Wiser 

Justin Bowser, RN II-Cath and Electrophysiology Lb (CS), Cardiac Cath-Adult 

Jauna Wilson, RN Relief-Med Surg (UH), UH Nursing -Med Surg 4 Wiser 

Edgar Zumbro, RN II-Critical Care (UH), CCH-2 Micu 

Melba Anderson, RN Relief-Med Surg (UH), UH-2 South 

Rachel Chesnut, RN Relief-IR (UH), Interventional Radiology Svcs 

Dariane Dardar, Reg Respiratory Therapist Relief (CH), Respiratory Therapy-BCH 

Tiffany Clayton, RN Relief-Dialysis (UH), Dialysis-Inpatient 

Krystal Luss, RN Relief-Med Surg (UH), UH-4 North 

Katie Nations, RN Relief-Med Surg (UH), UH-3 North 

Brandi Stroo, RN Relief-Med Surg (UH), UH-2 North 

Kristen Russell, RN Relief-Med Surg (UH), UH 6 West 

James Yount, RN-Inpatient Relief Critical Care(UH), CCH-2 Micu 

Corinne Felton, RN Relief-Med Surg (UH), UH-5 South 

Brittney Gray, RN Relief-Med Surg (UH), UH-2 South 

Ka'Juanica Ervin, RN Relief-PACU (UH), Post Anesthesia Care Unit-UH 

Robert Bounds, RN Relief-Med Surg (UH), UH-4 North 

Traci Wilson, RN Relief-Med Surg (UH), UH-4 North