October 24, 2022

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UMMC staff receive service recognition

Published on Monday, October 24, 2022

Medical Center leadership is proud to acknowledge those employees who will celebrate service anniversaries during the week of October 24 - 30.

25 Years

Cynthia Boyd, RN I-Inpatient (HH), Emergency Dept 

20 Years 

Tommie Turner, Professional Coder I Remote (SS), UPA-Charge Entry 

15 Years 

Treaise Williams, Patient Services Coord II, SON-Instruction School Nursing 

Lillian Kraft, Standardized Patient, SOM-Clinical Skills Assess Ctr 

10 Years 

Ceola Greenwood, Research Specialist (RAS), SOM-MIND Center 

Wesley Perrett, Reg Medical Technologist (CS), Clinical Lab-HLA 

Ronald Hopson, Critical Care Paramedic (CAS), SER-Helicopter Transport 

Jasmine Moore, RN II (UA), OB-GYN Clinic-Mall 

Lashandra Harris, Reg Medical Technologist BBL (UH), SSC-Blood Bank 

5 Years 

Joanne Jones, RN I-Inpatient (HH), HCH-Inpatient Nursing 

Montoya Sandifer, Certified Medical Asst (CA), UP Peds-Pavilion Ste L 

Latoya Barbary, Transplant Financial Counselor (CS), Transplant-Marrow 

Stevie Williams, Clin Sys-App Coord/Anly-Interm, SER-DIS-Core 

1 Year 

Ashtin Chisholm, RN I-PRN (GH), GMC-Emergency 

Jenicka Dawson, Certified Medical Asst (UA), UPA-Grants Ferry Hallway 6 

Linda Couch, RN I-PRN (GH), GMC-2 East 

Brandon Almand, RN I-Inpatient-PT (CH), BCH-5C Pediatric Unit 

Jessica Mangum, RN I-PRN-Health System (CH), BCH-Newborn ICU 

Courtney McInnis, RN I-PRN-Health System (UH), WH-3 MBU 

Carlissa Smith, Phlebotomist (UA), UP Fam Med-Flowood 

Brittany Sims, Ambassador-PRN (UH), Ambassadors 

Gaberille Williams, RN I-Clinic-South MS (CA), UP Peds-Gulfport 

Tanya Willis, Surgical Tech I (UH), Surgical Suite-UH 

KaLyndzeyia Gray, RN I-Acute Care (UH), WH-3 MBU 

Eric Pham, Pharmacy Intern  (UH), SSC-Pharmacy 

Eboney Taylor, Physician Scheduler III (CA), BCH-Pediatric Scheduling 

Lauren Bradshaw, RN I-Inpatient (CH), BCH-Pediatric ICU 

Natalie Sykes, RN I-Inpatient (CH), BCH-Newborn ICU 

Barbara Fortner, Physician Scheduler II (UA), UP Int Med-Support Services 

Alixandria Buckhalter, Physician Scheduler I (UA), UP Int Med-Support Services 

Elizabeth Williams, Pharmacy Intern  (UH), SSC-Pharmacy 

Sidney Willis, Certified Medical Asst (UA), UP Derm-Face Skin Center 

Bridget Betts, Pharmacy Intern  (UH), SSC-Pharmacy 

Grace Goss, Physician Scheduler II (CS), UP Int Med-Cardio Support Svcs 

DeVontae Barnes, Periop Tech II (UH), Surgical Suite-UH 

Caley Noah, Patient Services Coord II (GH), GMC-Imaging Center 

Caitlin Delgado, Medical Office Assistant So MS (CA), UP Peds-Hattiesburg 

Junice Press, Monitor Technician (UH), Nurses-Monitor Technicians 

Emily Lewis, Hospital Tech I (CH), BCH-Newborn ICU