August 1, 2022

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UMMC staff receive service recognition

Published on Monday, August 1, 2022

Medical Center leadership is proud to acknowledge those employees who will celebrate service anniversaries during the week of August 1 – 7.

25 Years 

Harold Livingston, Professor, SOD-Advanced General Dentistry 

20 Years

Janice Godfrey, RN-Case Manager, SOM-Medicine-ID 

Stanley Smith, Professor, SOM-Pharmacology/Toxicology 

Michael Hebert, Professor, SOM-Cell and Molecular Biology 

Kesha Poole, Patient Financial Services Coordinator III (SS), UPA-Central Billing Office 

15 Years

Josilind White, Student & Employee Health Specialist I, SER-Employee Health Service 

Amol Janorkar, Chair, SOD-Biomedical Mtrls Science 

Jason Griggs, Professor, SOD-Biomedical Mtrls Science 

Ashleigh Newell, RN I-Inpatient (CH), BCH-Newborn ICU 

Lesley Utz, Nurse Manager III (UH), CCH-CICU 

10 Years

Catherine Chapman Zimmerman, Assistant Professor, SOM-Orthopedic Surgery 

Sheila Marsman, RN I-Inpatient (CH), Surgical Suite-BCH 

Denise Cornelius, Associate Professor, SOM-Emergency Medicine 

Jennifer Brown, Patient Financial Services Coordinator II (SS), Int Access-Fin Counseling 

Calleigh Simmons, Reg Medical Technologist (UH), Lab-Point Of Care Testing 

Jamie Thompson, Executive Director Perioperative Services (UH), Perioperative Svcs 

Madison Wilson, Surgical Tech I (CH), Surgical Suite-BCH 

5 Years

Brian Mason, Interface Anlst/Pgmr-Inter, SER-DIS-Core 

Sherri Lambert, Physician Scheduler II – Remote, UP Int Med-GI Belhaven Sup Svc 

Laronda Manuel, Pharmacy Tech III (UH), Retail Pharmacy-Specialty 

Anne Berry, Physical Therapist (CA), Physical Therapy-BCH 

1 Year

Leah Welker, Surgical Tech II-CVOR (UH), Surgical Suite-UH 

Reagan Patrick, RN I-Inpatient (CH), BCH-Newborn ICU 

Myla Young, Hospital Tech I (CH), BCH-Newborn ICU 

Jada O'Banner, Student-Medical Lab Tech (UH), Division Lab Med-Reference 

Brealand Pendleton, Hospital Tech I (CH), BCH-Newborn ICU 

Earlene Spann-Wooten, Patient Access Data Integrity Specialist II (SS), SSA-Ancillary Scheduling 

Ivonzo Alexander, Periop Tech I (UH), OP Surgical Suite-UH 

Aubree Beeman, Call Center Rep II (UA), UPA-Access Guides 

Eligah Lamont Johnson, Reg Respiratory Therapist-PRN (UH), UH-Respiratory Therapy 

Erica Morris, Physician Scheduler II (CS), UP Int Med-Cardio Support Svcs 

Crystal McClendon, Physician Scheduler III (UA), UP Neurosciences-Support Svcs 

LaTasha Jordan, Hospital Tech I (UH), UH-2 North 

Stacy Sykes, Phlebotomist-Cert (GH), GMC-Laboratory 

Benjamin Lambert, Phys-Fam Med-NBC (GA), GP-Family Medicine Clinic