June 13, 2022

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UMMC staff receive service recognition

Published on Monday, June 13, 2022

Medical Center leadership is proud to acknowledge those employees who will celebrate service anniversaries during the week of June 13 – 19.

25 Years 

Amanda Moore, RN I-Inpatient (UH), WH-2 Labor Delivery/Surgery 

Hua Liu, Assistant Professor, SOM-Peds-Gastroenterology 

20 Years 

James Jordan, Professor, SOM-Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery 

David Kiihnl, Mgr-Stroke Program (UH), Stroke Program Outreach 

15 Years

Sharon Vickers, Nurse Practitioner, SOM-Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery 

Jennifer Chappell, Dir-Health Education (CRS), SOM-Medicine 

10 Years 

Theresa Thomas, Reg Medical Technologist (CH), Clinical Lab-Nursery 

Kimmerli Carson, Hospital Coder I Remote (SS), Coding 

Vincent Morton, Charge Technologist-Lab Svcs BBL (UH), SSC-Blood Bank 

Lindsay Faulkner, RN I-ECMO Specialist (CH), SSC-ECMO 

Jeremy Phillips, RN II-Acute Care (UH), UH-4 North 

5 Years

Gabrielle Thomas, Reg Respiratory Therapist (UH), UH-Respiratory Therapy 

Meredith Cole, Pharmacist (CS), Pharmacy-Cancer Ctr 

Logan Leblanc, RN I-Inpatient (CH), BCH-3C Pediatric Unit 

Kathryn Kruger, RN I-Inpatient (CH), Post Anesthesia Care Unit-BCH 

Sara Anderson, RN II-Oncology RN (UH), CCH-OP Bone Marrow 

Haley Puckett, RN I-Inpatient (CH), BCH-Pediatric ICU 

Christopher Grant, Mgr-Anatomical Services, SOM-Neurobiol & Anatomical Sci 

Kala Ford, Reg MRI Technologist (UH), MRI-UH 

1 Year


Terrie Peace-Butler, Patient Access Data Integrity Specialist III (SS), Int Access-Pre Arrival 

Rudasia Lee, RN I-Critical Care (UH), CCH-2 MICU 

Courtney Yates, RN I-PACU (UH), Post Anesthesia Care Unit-UH 

Laralyn Pearson, Radiologic Technologist (UH), Radiology-Diagnostic-UH 

Kelsey Emerson, RN I-Endoscopy (UH), UH-Gastro Lab 

Christie Berry, Cert Phlebotomist (UH), Central Lab-Collection 

Mitra Ghafarianpoor, RN I-Acute Care (UH), UH-2 South 

Markie Thomas, RN I-Acute Care (UH), UH-2 South 

Regan Key, RN I-Inpatient (CH), BCH-Newborn ICU 

Maudie Scott, RN I-Inpatient (CH), BCH-Newborn ICU 

Joshua Levi, Reg Medical Technologist (CS), Clinical Lab-HLA 

Ashton Brumfield, RN I-Inpatient (CH), BCH-Newborn ICU 

Taylor Lott, RN I-Inpatient (CH), BCH-Newborn ICU 

Letrice Strength, RN I-Inpatient (CH), BCH-Newborn ICU 

Michael Bounds, Clinical Pharmacy Specialist (UH), Pharmacy Care Clinic-Mall 

Alexandra Medellin, RN I-Acute Care (UH), WH-3 MBU 

Chinh Autry, RN I-Acute Care (UH), UH-4 South 

Hailie Burke, RN I-Critical Care (UH), CCH-Neuro Science ICU 

Stephanie Agusiegbe, RN I-Acute Care (UH), UH-4 South 

MiAerial Willis, Physician Scheduler I (UA), UP OB-GYN-Support Services 

Scottie Diamond, Reg-Mammography Tech-PRN (UH), Mammography 

Meghan Godfrey-Luckett, Patient Access Data Integrity Specialist II (SS), Int Access-Admissions 

Oneda Smoots, Patient Access Data Integrity Specialist II (SS), SSA-Ancillary Scheduling 

Hallie Austin, Pharmacy Intern (UH), SSC-Pharmacy 

Reginald Johnson Jr., Psychiatric Tech (UH), UH-7 West-Adult Psych 

TaKenya McCool, Medical Laboratory Technician (UH), Division Lab Med-Reference 

Preci Hall, Medical Laboratory Technician (UH), Lab-Adult Hematology 

Ashley Clark, Hospital Tech I (UH), UH-2 South 

Shelby Harris, Radiologic Technologist (UH), Radiology-Diagnostic-UH 

Lillie McKinney, RN I-Inpatient (HH), Emergency Dept 

Emma-Lee Dowdy, Hospital Tech I (UH), UH-2 South 

Dewania Summers, Cytotechnologist (UH), Cytology 

Kelsee Ledbetter, Respiratory Therapist (UH), UH-Respiratory Therapy 

Ashley Gray, RN I-Acute Care (UH), UH-4 North 

Ashley Dumas, RN I-Inpatient (CH), BCH-Newborn ICU 

Mollie Woods, RN I-Inpatient (CH), BCH-Newborn ICU 

Brianna Ickom, RN I-Acute Care (UH), UH-2 South 

Baylee Nester, RN I-Critical Care (UH), CCH-Surgical ICU 

Shanta Menton, RN Relief-Med Surg (UH), UH-4 North 

Sabrina Townsend, RN Relief-Med Surg (UH), UH-4 North 

Makita Patterson, RN Relief-Dialysis (UH), Dialysis-Inpatient 

Kendall Cockayne, RN I-Inpatient (UH), WH-2 Labor Delivery/Surgery 

Maranda Palmer, RN Relief-Med Surg (UH), UH-7 South