Oct. 19, 2020

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UMMC staff receive service recognition

Medical Center leadership is proud to acknowledge those employees who will celebrate service anniversaries during the week of Oct. 19-25.

20 Years

Keisha Fortenberry Prestwood, surgical technician, University Physicians (Grants Ferry Hallway 7)

Dr. George V. Russell Jr., chair of orthopaedic surgery, School of Medicine

15 Years

Lauren Marie Love, dietitian, University Hospital

Dorothy Luckett, hospital technician, University Hospital (7 East)

Sharron Purvis, direct care ambulatory nurse, School of Medicine (Anesthesiology)

Andrea Cain Williford, CAT management and procurement clinical director, Purchasing

10 Years

Kayne Albert, foreman, Printing

Samantha Washington Brunson, clinic operations supervisor, University Physicians (Orthopaedics Administration)

Patrick Darrin Parker, coordinator, Simulation Center

Sharon Skeen, medical office assistant, University Physicians (Pavilion Suites G and F-Internal Medicine)

5 Years

Patricia Lynn Crouch, nurse, Grenada Medical Center (3 East)

Brittany Fowler, inpatient nurse, Children’s Hospital (2C Pediatric Unit)

Kenya Kenyetta Jefferson, clinic operations supervisor, Jackson Medical Mall (Pain Management Clinic)

Heather Baldwin Ragsdale, care coordinator surgery nurse, School of Medicine (Urology Surgery)

Amelia Robinson, patient financial services representative, Internal Access (Pre Arrival)

Kristen Ables Stevens, cardiovascular/interventional technologist, University Hospital (Interventional Radiology Services)

Sarah Stephen Thompson, health system nurse, Wiser Hospital (3 MBU)

Whittney Sarah Trest, hospital technician, Children’s Hospital (5C Pediatric Unit)

Frances Christine Woodward, nurse practitioner, School of Medicine (Orthopaedic Surgery)