Jan. 16, 2020

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UMMC staff receive service recognition

Medical Center leadership is proud to acknowledge those employees who will celebrate service anniversaries during the week of Jan. 20-26.


30 Years

Victoria Swineycatchings, administrative assistant, University Hospital (Coordinated Care)

20 Years

Kettisha Barnes, health care benefits coordinator, Internal Access (Financial Counseling)

Karen Carr, diagnostic sonographer, University Hospital (Ultrasound)

15 Years

John Nelson Martin Jr., asset management administrator, Information Systems

Rachelle Helena Poole, adult rehabilitation services manager, University Hospital (Physical Therapy)

Luther Roan, business operations manager, University Physicians (Finance)

10 Years

Benjamin Brown, clinical infrastructure associate chief nurse anesthetist, School of Medicine (Anesthesiology)

Shane Brown, inventory and supply technician, Patient Equipment

Emily Sumrall Childress, nurse anesthetist, School of Medicine (Anesthesiology)

Karla Fikes Dilback, nurse anesthetist, School of Medicine (Anesthesiology)

Janet Huffstatler, inpatient nurse, Children’s Hospital (4C Pediatric Unit)

Kevin Matthew Lott, nurse anesthetist, School of Medicine (Anesthesiology)

Florenda Moody, nursing assistant, University Hospital (2 North)

Carla Roby, case manager nurse, University Hospital (Coordinated Care)

John Christopher Simmons, nurse anesthetist, School of Medicine (Anesthesiology)

5 Years

Bridgett Rena Anderson, nurse, University Physicians (Internal Medicine-Lakeland Hypertension)

Lucky Areghan, inpatient nurse, University Hospital (3 South)

Robert Charles Callegari, inpatient nurse, University Hospital (Surgical Suite)

Brent Cornelius Carbo, ambassador, University Hospital

Peggy Jo Dickason, ambulatory nurse, University Physicians (Ob-Gyn)

Karyn Fraser, senior embryologist, University Physicians (Ob-Gyn)

Dr. Patrick Hopkins, professor of psychiatry, School of Medicine

Dr. Varsha Manucha, associate professor of pathology, School of Medicine

Jonitha Latrice McMillian, inpatient nurse, University Hospital (Medical Surgical Float)

Vanessa Patrice Polk, inpatient nurse, University Hospital (Medical Surgical Float)

Aryn Durbin Skewes, nurse, Children’s Hospital (Emergency Department)

Dr. Anju Pokkaruparambil Sukumaran, assistant professor of pediatrics, School of Medicine (Endocrinology)

Enevke Rochea Brenson Thomas, nurse, University Physicians (Flowood Family Medicine)

Ella Watkins, medical technologist, University Hospital (Coagulation Division Laboratory)

Lori Curtis Welch, diagnostic sonographer, University Physicians (Grants Ferry)