Feb. 11, 2019

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UMMC staff receive service recognition

Medical Center leadership is proud to acknowledge those employees who will celebrate service anniversaries during the week of Feb. 11-17.


25 Years

Dr. Raouf F. Daoud, assistant professor of anesthesiology, School of Medicine

20 Years

Traci Allen, pharmacist, SSC (Pharmacy)

Cynthia Brewer, inpatient nurse, CCH (2 MICU)

Stella Richard, reimbursement analyst, SSA-CDM and Service Analysis

15 Years

Susan Doggette, inpatient nurse, University Hospital (Surgical Suite)

10 Years

Dr. Venkat Krishna Mannam, assistant professor of pathology, School of Medicine

Samuel Marshall, emergency transport manager, Helicopter Transport

Shelby McNair, nurse, Aphaeresis Lab

Paige Sullivan, occupational therapist, Children’s Hospital (Occupational Therapy)

Theresa Vlahos, care coordinator nurse, School of Medicine (Plastic Surgery)

Helen Warren, inpatient nurse, Children’s Hospital (2C Pediatric Unit)

David Webb, critical care paramedic, Helicopter Transport

Brock Whitson, flight transport nurse, Helicopter Transport

5 Years

Denise Andrews, certified medical assistant, PAV Transplant Clinic

Sarah Barker, inpatient nurse, Children’s Hospital (3 Circle)

Laretta Briscoe, patient services coordinator, Wound Care Center

Keri Brister, nurse, University Hospital (Gastro Lab)

Angela Fagan, adult intensive care unit nurse practitioner, School of Medicine (Neurology)

Vanessa Glover, service center specialist, Human Resources

Rebecca Herrington, inpatient nurse, Children’s Hospital (Pediatric Intensive Care Unit)

Amanda Howell, diagnostic sonographer, Cardiology (Grants Ferry)

Dr. Marcus W. Lee, assistant professor of pediatrics, School of Medicine (Neurology)

Ashley Moomaw, clinical nutrition manager, University Hospital (Dietitians)

Monica Mosley, patient financial services representative, Internal Access-Pre Arrival

Dr. Melissa A. McNaull, associate professor of pediatrics, School of Medicine (Hematology/Oncology)