September 18

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Employee anniversaries

Medical Center leadership is proud to acknowledge those employees who will celebrate service anniversaries during the week of Sept. 18-24.

20 Years

Robin Cannon, diagnostic sonographer, University Physicians (Grants Ferry Hallway 6)

15 Years

Stevie Adams, medical technologist, Division Lab Med (Coagulation)

Kim Grimes, information technology program manager, Information Systems

Dr. Billy E. Mink, assistant professor of pediatrics, School of Medicine (Neonatology)

10 Years

Dr. Lindsay C. Avent, instructor in psychiatry, School of Medicine

Shanika Newton, nurse, Rural Health Clinics

Jacqueline Nichols, scheduling operations supervisor, University Physicians (Neurosciences Support Services)

Antonio Thomas, technician, Environmental Services

Annie Travis, administrative assistant, School of Medicine (Neurology)

Arlin Victory, nurse, Children’s After Hours Clinic

5 Years

Dabresha Blaylock, accountant, School of Nursing

Kimberly Stewart, patient care technician, Neurophysiology Lab

Thomasina Tory, nurse, School of Medicine (Neurology)