Children's Giving and Growing Newsletter | December 2017

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Thank you! Your generosity makes the best care possible

Published on Tuesday, December 5, 2017

The best care, ready at a moment’s notice and close to home. That’s the goal of the Campaign for Children’s of Mississippi, and something that we all want for our children and grandchildren.

Though construction on the new pediatric facilities will be starting soon, the campaign is about much more than bricks and mortar. The new facility will enhance recruitment, attract even more skilled medical professionals to serve Mississippi’s children, and carry the potential to save lives and improve the health of future generations.

Your incredible generosity is making the Children’s of Mississippi vision of helping all children reach their full potential a reality. Your gifts will enable children, many who are yet to be born, to enjoy healthier lives and to get the care they need right here in Mississippi. Words cannot truly express our gratitude for your investment in our cause and in the future of our state.

Thank you for the gifts of your time, efforts and treasure, and for your dedication to improving the lives and health of children.