Luncheon reunites longtime faculty

Published on Monday, May 4, 2015

Published on May 04, 2015

The Medical Center welcomed nearly four dozen former faculty and staff back to campus April 8 for a special Emeritus Luncheon in the
Norman C. Nelson Student Union.

Longtime members of the UMMC Family attending the event include, front row from left, Dr. John Bower, Dr. Richard Miller, Dr. James B. Grogan, Dr. Harold White, Dr. Susan Wellman, Dr. Albert J. Wahba, Dr. Edgar Draper, Barbara Austin, Dr. Sigurds Krolls, Dr. Stanley Chapman, Dr. William C. Nicholas and Dr. Helen Turner; and back row from left, Dr. Seshadri Raju, Dr. Ben H. Douglas, Dr. Virginia Cora, Dr. Donald Sittman, Dr. Norman Moore, Dr. Rathi Iyer, Dr. Steve Case, Dr. Edward Meydrech, Dr. John Naftel, Dr. James E. Peck, Dr. Rodney Meeks, Dr. William Sistrunk, Dr. Jeanette Waits, Dr. James Clinton Smith, Dr. Barbara Rogers, Dr. William Rock, Dr. Lamar Weems, Dr. Roland Robertson, Dr. Richard G. Hutchinson, Dr. James Hughes, Dr. Willie Hill, Dr. Warren Jones, Dr. Terry Dwyer, Dr. Marcy Petrini, Dr. Owen "Bev" Evans, Dr. Sandor Feldman, Dr. Mark Olsen, Dr. Suzanne Miller, Dr. Karen Crews, Dr. Jerry Farley, Dr. William A. Long, Dr. Thomas E. Lohmeier and Dr. Glenn A. Gentry.


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