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Scholarship to honor M2’s memory

Published on Monday, February 9, 2015

By: Gary Pettus at 601-815-9266 or gpettus@umc.edu.

Published on February 09, 2015

A group of second-year medical students has created a School of Medicine scholarship in memory of their fellow student and friend, Pricilla Andrea Li of Clarksdale.

Pricilla Andrea Li
Pricilla Andrea Li

The students, who have raised at least $8,250 so far, are hoping to reach a goal of at least $25,000.

Li was the lab partner of Jacob Baker, Wood Dale, Taryn Green, Douglas Pearson and Ashley Villarreal when they were first-year medical students in gross anatomy. During that experience, these six members of the Class of 2017 formed close friendships that carried over to their second year of medical school.

“Pricilla was kind of the caretaker of the group,” Baker said. “In a lot of ways, she was the glue that held everyone together.”

Li, who died in December, was known for her community volunteer work, especially at the Jackson Free Clinic, Dale said. Scholarship recipients should reflect that same spirit of altruism and service to others, he said.

“Pricilla would have been the kind of doctor you would want to take your family to in time of need – not because she made all As, but because she cared.

“We wanted to do something to continue her legacy. We wanted people to know how special and rare of a person she was.”

To contribute a tax-deductible donation online, visit www.umc.edu/pricillalischolarshipfund. Donations may be made as well at the Office of Student Affairs in the School of Medicine.