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Lawson Account Codes:Accounts  Accounting unitsEquipment CodesLawson Policies:Lawson policiesLawson forms and instructions Click the links below to find more information:

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Form name Brief description File type90 Day Performance Lawson security access form Lawson Web PAR Action Definitions …defines the different web actions available in Lawson Manager Self Service

Lawson Integrated Network Connection (LINC) - University of Mississippi Medical Center

What is LINC?The Lawson Integrated Network Connection (LINC) project will put in place a common While our Lawson implementation is going to play a large role in our future by changing the

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Catheter Insertion Checklist for Blood Stream Infection Control Central Venous Catheter Patient Education Sheet Clinical Excellence Strategic Plan Status Report Lawson Medical Records Chart Pick-up Log


have to pay as restock /handling fee? Lawson vendor add freight and handling charges/reimbursement Lawson vendor return-AUTHORIZE Print Lawson Return document (PO132) Save copy of PO132

Lawson upgrade team turns to UMMC employees to help reach implementation deadline - University of Mississippi Medical Center

As the Lawson Integrated Network Connection team enters the stretch run of LINC implementation at most critical contributors to the success of the Lawson system upgrade are about to come into play:...

Benefits Orientation

Provide your basic contact information. The special instructions box can be used to provide us with any information you would like us to be aware of prior to your appointment. benefits orientation.ppt

titletoc-april2015.pdf school of medicine school of dentistry school of health related professions school of pharmacy school of graduate studies school of nursing Mississippi’s Leading Health Sciences Campus

Frequently Asked Questions - University of Mississippi Medical Center

Library PasswordsDo I need a username and password to access the library's electronic resources?What is my Your library password is your UMMC ID and password used to access your e-mail, Lawson, etc.


2015-16 B U L L E T I N MISSISSIPPI’S LEADING HEALTH SCIENCES CAMPUS • JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI • UMC.EDU 4th Edition -Spring -February, 2016The University of Mississippi Medical Center (UMMC) Bulletin

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