Gearhart Clinical Skills Center

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The JGGCSC is located in  UMMC’s new School of Medicine building, where it shares the top floor of the facility with the Simulation and Interprofessional Education Center. This location helps facilitate the development and actualization of “hybrid” learning and assessment activities (utilizing both SPs and mannequin-based simulation).

The JGGCSC has 16 exam rooms, each holding an exam table, diagnostic tool set, computer station, and other equipment available to simulate clinical encounters. Each exam room has two entrances, one for learners/examinees, and one for SPs and faculty.

Each exam room is associated with four computer stations: one in the exam room, one in the student/examinee hallway, one in the SP/faculty hallway, and one in the Monitor Room. Having multiple computers available allows for flexibility with activity design and function, allowing students, faculty, SPs, and other observers the ability to utilize the technology needed to complete various aspects of SP activities. In addition, the JGGCSC also has large classroom/conference room and an SP room, both of which can be used for didactic activities and assessments.