Gearhart Clinical Skills Center

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Educational and Assessment Activities

Services provided at the Gearhart Clinical Skills Center include, but are not limited to:

General administrative responsibilities/services

  • Recruit SPs able to participate in numerous learning and evaluation activities both at the CSC and at remote locations
  • Develop SP clinical cases for learner/patient encounters
  • Develop learner evaluation materials, including SP checklists and encounter note rubrics
  • Provide video monitoring and recording of learning encounters
  • Provide setup and administration of assessment and learning activities, including:
    • Scheduling SPs and learners
    • Planning and “dry run” meetings
    • Preparing the learning space (e.g., clinic rooms and computer stations)
    • Developing/preparing evaluation materials
    • Compiling and distributing evaluation data

Learner-related responsibilities/services

  • Provide learners with formative and summative feedback, including:
    • Immediate SP feedback
    • Exam results
    • Opportunities for video review and remediation
    • Group cases for skill development
    • Mini-lessons/activities

Faculty-related responsibilities/services

  • Assist faculty with developing assessment and learning activities for learners, including interprofessional activities, utilizing SPs
  • Provide faculty with learner performance data to support curriculum evaluation and development

SP-related responsibilities/services

  • Train SPs in professional skills, including
    • Simulating a variety of clinical presentations
    • Evaluating learners
    • Delivering learner feedback with emphasis on communication skills