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Degree Requirements | Academic Policies and Regulations

Degree Requirements

All candidates for a baccalaureate degree must meet the following core requirements: 6 hours of English composition, 3 hours of college algebra, quantitative reasoning or higher level math, 6 hours of natural science, 9 hours of humanities and fine arts, and 6 hours of social or behavioral science.

Candidates for the degree of Bachelor of Science in nursing must have completed the prescribed curriculum with an overall School of Nursing GPA of 2.0 or higher. Students are certified for graduation by the dean. Transfer students who spend only one year in residence must attend the year in which the degree requirements are completed. The School of Nursing reserves the right to withhold a degree of any student deemed unsuitable for the practice of nursing.

Candidates for a master's or doctoral degree must complete the approved plan of study with an overall School of Nursing GPA of 3.0 or higher.


The School of Nursing awards baccalaureate degrees in nursing with honors for excellence in academic achievement. The SON follows the policy of the University of Mississippi Medical Center. At commencement, the University of Mississippi Medical Center (UMMC) awards honors to baccalaureate degree recipients who have continuous full-time enrollment and completed at least 45 hours of credit in residence at UMMC. Students will be recommended for graduation with honors on the basis of their overall UMMC grade point average combined with their program's 60+ prerequisite grade point average. A graduating Accelerated or Traditional BSN student must have completed all nursing coursework at the School of Nursing in order to be eligible to graduate with honors. Degrees are awarded summa cum laude (3.90-4.0), magna cum laude (3.75-3.89), and cum laude (3.50-3.74).

At commencement, the University of Mississippi Medical Center (UMMC) awards honors to master degree recipients who have completed at least 30 hours of credit in residence at UMMC. MSN students achieving a GPA of 3.7 or greater on completed course work at the School of Nursing will be recognized at graduation with the appropriate Latin Honors (summa cum laude (3.90-4.0), magna cum laude (3.80-3.89) and cum laude (3.70-3.79). To receive honors, DNP students must be continuously enrolled as a full-time student.

The Sally McDonnell Barksdale Honors College (SMBHC), offered on the University of Mississippi Oxford campus, allows highly motivated students to develop their own scholarly research interests. Students in the baccalaureate nursing program enrolled in the Honors College at the University of Mississippi have the opportunity to become involved with the research pursuits of the School of Nursing faculty and may complete their research project while completing the BSN program requirements. Students who successfully complete the requirements of the Honors College are honored at a commissioning ceremony before the spring commencement. Detailed information about the Barksdale Honors College can be found on the University of Mississippi website.


The Ambassador Program provides opportunities for undergraduate students who demonstrate high academic achievement to serve as official student representatives of the School of Nursing. Selected during the third semester of the Traditional BSN program, these student leaders participate in recruitment events, provide campus tours to prospective students, lead orientation groups and serve as mentors to incoming students. Through their activities and assignments, Ambassadors meet course requirements for a leadership elective and receive special recognition at the school's annual Honors Day.

Academic Policies and Regulations

All students in the School of Nursing should be aware of provisions in the Student Handbook which detail practices, procedures, and provisions of the school pertaining to academic progress, professional expectations, and related matters. The faculty and administration reserve the right to make changes in curricula and regulations when such changes are determined to be in the best interest of the student and the school. Accreditation requirements and other factors may necessitate some variations from program descriptions contained therein. Applicants, prospective students, and currently enrolled students must maintain communication with the School of Nursing concerning their individual goals, curricula, and requirements.


Pre-Licensure students must complete orientation prior to attending any course. Failure to attend orientation may result in dismissal from the program. Under extraordinary circumstances, students may be excused from orientation with prior approval from the associate dean of academic affairs. Under such circumstances, a revised orientation plan will be developed. For RN-BSN, Post-Graduate, RN-MSN, MSN and DNP students, orientation is virtual and is convened by the director.


To participate in, attend, and receive credit for any course, a student must be registered for that course in the Office of Enrollment Management. Students meet with their academic advisors prior to registration to select courses. The academic advisor's approval verifies that the student meets all the criteria to take the course. Students who are not registered for any course work and who are not on an official leave of absence will be withdrawn from the program and must reapply for admission. Exceptions may be made for students on an alternate plan of study.