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Tuition and Required Fees

Tuition and fees for the current academic year can be found on the institutional website. Tuition is subject to change pending information from the Institutions of Higher Learning (IHL).

Technology Requirements

Required Laptops

Entering students are required to have a laptop computer that meets the annually revised UMMC Minimal Laptop Specifications, and must have video and audio communication capabilities (i.e., camera and microphone). Students should purchase a laptop meeting or exceeding the minimal specifications from regular retail channels. Students will be personally responsible for maintenance/repair of all personal devices. All students are required to maintain up-to-date virus and spyware detection software to allow access to the UMMC public wireless network. Students should acquire their laptop prior to the first week of the semester.

Academic Requirements

SCHOLASTIC REQUIREMENTS - It is the responsibility of the student to ascertain the general and specific requirements for the degree program in which they are enrolled. Students can obtain all relevant information from the program director, their advisor, or the Office of the Dean, School of Graduate Studies in the Health Sciences.

COURSE LOAD - A full-time course load in the School of Graduate Studies is nine (9) credit hours per semester except for the summer term when one (1) credit hour is sufficient. A student who is admitted to candidacy and is working on his/her thesis or dissertation may be classified as full-time while registering for one (1) credit hour.

ENROLLMENT REQUIREMENTS – Once accepted into the SGSHS, students must be continuously enrolled in classes until the degree is completed or have been granted a leave of absence. Failure to adhere to this requirement will result in administrative withdrawal from the SGSHS. A minimum of 30 credit hours beyond a baccalaureate degree is required for the Master's of Science degree. The time limit for completing all requirements for a MS degree is six (6) years from the date of first registration. All doctorate degrees require a minimum of 60 credit hours beyond a baccalaureate degree (or 30 credit hours beyond a master's degree). The PhD degree generally requires five (5) to six (6) years, but must take no more than five (5) years following admission to candidacy. All requirements for the certificate program must be completed within two (2) years. Credit hour requirements may differ between programs, thus students should consult with their program director for specific details. See the SGSHS Enrollment policy for more information.

Transfer Credit Policy

A limited amount of graduate credits earned at another recognized institution may be accepted toward degree requirements at UMMC. All transfer course work is evaluated and accepted work is recorded, without changes in grades, as part of the student's permanent academic record. See the SGSHS Transfer of Credit policy for more information.