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IHL Loans and Scholarships

The Mississippi Office of Student Financial Aid is a part of the State of Mississippi's Institutions of Higher Learning (IHL) and offers various loan and scholarship programs.


  • State Dental Education Loan/Scholarship Program (DELS)
  • State Medical Education Loan /Scholarship Program (MELS)
  • State Nursing Education Loan/Scholarship Program (NELS)
  • Family Medicine Education Loan/Scholarship Program (FME)
  • Health Care Professions Loan/Scholarship (HCP)

Application is made with:

  • IHL-Mississippi Office of Student Financial Aid
    3825 Ridgewood Road
    Jackson, MS 39211
    (601) 432-6997
    (800) 327-2980

For complete program details and an application, visit IHL-Mississippi Office of Student of Financial Aid.