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Tips for Filing the FAFSA

  • Read the instructions for the FAFSA carefully before you complete it. This is very important. Errors and omissions delay the processing and awarding of funds.
  • Make sure your name and SSN are correct on the FAFSA to prevent delays. Review your answers before submitting the application.
  • Carefully review Section 2 (student dependency status). Students who answer "no" to every question will be considered a "dependent" student for the purpose of applying for financial aid. Dependent students are expected to provide their parent(s) SSN, last names, first initials, date of birth, and financial information.
  • Dependent students who are unable to provide parental data due to extenuating circumstances may still complete the FAFSA online but the application will be considered incomplete and the student will have to speak to the Financial Aid Office for further guidance.
  • A "dependent" in the household number is a child or person who lives with you, receives more than half of their total support from you, and will continue to be supported by you from July 1 to June 30¬†of the next calendar year.
  • When you complete Section 3 (parental finances) and Section 4 (student finances) of the FAFSA, pay special attention to the tax line numbers given for some questions. These will guide you to the correct figures located on your tax return.
  • Complete the Additional Financial Information and the Untaxed Income Worksheets.
  • Be sure to include any federal work study earnings from the previous year under the Additional Financial Information Worksheet.
  • Make certain that all required signatures are present on the FAFSA before submitting electronically or mailing. If you and/or your parent did not obtain a PIN, you have 14 days to mail the signature page to the Federal Processor. After 14 days the Federal Processor will mail a paper Student Aid Report to your mailing address. You will be required to either go online and electronically sign the FAFSA or sign and mail the last page of the SAR to the federal processor.
  • Be sure to list UMMC's federal school code: 004688. If you do not include UMMC on the FAFSA, we will not receive your information and will not be able to provide you a financial aid award package.