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Student Benevolence Fund

The University of Mississippi Medical Center offers resources to assist students facing unforeseen crises outside their control. One of these resources is the Student Benevolence Fund, for which students may apply to receive funds to assist with unexpected and significant financial needs. Approved applicants will receive a one-time monetary award. 


To be eligible to receive these funds, an applicant must be enrolled as a student in a UMMC academic degree program. Students on leave of absence or planning to withdraw or take a leave of absence are not eligible to receive these funds.

An applicant must describe a genuine crisis that significantly impacts their ability to meet basic needs or continue in a UMMC academic degree program. Examples of eligible crisis situations include:

  1. Sudden illness or medical emergency for which the student cannot afford medical care.
  2. Unforeseen loss of housing due to natural disaster, fire, or other catastrophic events, requiring funds for temporary lodging.
  3. Severe financial hardship resulting from unexpected circumstances (e.g., job loss, auto accident) resulting in an inability to pay for basic needs such as utilities or transportation.
  4. Other exceptional circumstances as deemed appropriate by the UMMC Student Benevolence Fund Committee.

Students are encouraged to read the UMMC Student Benevolence Fund policy for comprehensive information. 

How to apply

To apply for these funds, students must log into their Workday account, search for "create request," enter "Benevolence Fund," and complete the Student Benevolence Fund application. 

Email the Office of Student Affairs for more information.