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Tuition Refunds

Students who withdraw, take a leave of absence, or are dismissed during an academic term may still be responsible for payment of all or part of the tuition and fees assessed for that term. The refund schedule for cancellation of enrollment after the term begins is a follows:
  • 100% tuition refund if courses dropped through the official last day to withdraw from a course without receiving a withdrawal grade. (Note: this is a date included in the academic calendar.)
  • From the end of the 100% refund period until the student has completed 60% of the academic term, tuition refunds will be prorated according to the percentage of the term the student has completed. For example, if the student completes only 45% of the term before enrollment is terminated, 55% of tuition would be refunded.
  • After a student has completed 60% of the academic term for which they are registered, no tuition refunds will be given.


Some fees are not refundable, specifically fees that are paid out to various testing companies or for supplies.

For questions regarding tuition and fee refunds, contact Student Accounting at (601) 984-1060.