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Greetings, Fellow Students,

Welcome to the home page of the Associated Student Body of the University of Mississippi Medical Center.  The Associated Student Body (ASB) serves as the governing body of all students on the UMMC campus, and it consists of a diverse group of students from all seven schools:  The John D. Bower School of Population Health, the School of Dentistry, the School of Graduate Studies in the Health Sciences, the School of Health Related Professions, the School of Medicine, the School of Nursing, and the School of Pharmacy.

Whether you are a student, an employee, or a member of the faculty here at UMMC or a visitor to the site, I hope that you enjoy your tour of this webpage as you peruse the list of officers, current and upcoming events, recent legislation, or the link for submitting questions, comments, concerns, and/or suggestions to the Associated Student Body.

I am truly honored to serve such an amazing group of students, faculty, and staff here at the only academic medical center in the state.  As members of a community dedicated to education, health care, and research, we have the wonderful privilege of embracing the mission to ensure a healthier Mississippi.  As intimate stakeholders of this institution, we engage in scientific endeavors that have the power to heal patients.  Whether these labors revolve around maintaining safe and clean work spaces, learning about the standards of care and the basic biomedical sciences, training future health professionals, engaging in daily business operations, administering treatment and care to patients, or welcoming guests to our campus, we all collaborate in the noble act of healing.

I appreciate your time in reading this message.  If you have any questions, comments, concerns, and/or suggestions that you would like to submit anonymously to the UMMC Associated Student Body, please select the link below and type your responses.Edgar Meyer

Suggestions or Constructive Criticism for the ASB

You may also respond directly to any of the officers directly using their contact information listed on this page.

Once again, thank you for your time, and enjoy the rest of your day and the rest of your week.

Yours in Service,

Edgar R. Meyer
ASB President

2018-19 officers

  • President - Edgar Meyer
  • Vice president - Patrick Wood
  • Secretary - Meredith Cobb
  • Treasurer - Alex Huff

2018-19 appointed ASB officers

  • Alumni affairs - Maribeth Hillhouse, Blake Johns
  • Email liaison - Mary Catherine Reynolds
  • Interprofessional chair - Rachel Larry, Michelle Wheeler
  • Intramurals chair - Nate Hughes
  • Medic editor - Sara Kiparizoska
  • Murmur editor - John Bobo
  • Wellness committee chairs - Dietary: Elena Dent; Mental: Rachel Crim; Physical: Victoria Wolf
  • Quality improvement chairs - Education: Andrew Strachan; Physical Services: Naishal Patel
  • Chief of staff - Jenny Tran
  • Accountability chair - Adrian Eddy
  • Election commissioner - Shelby Claire Liddell
  • School Cup chair - Kristen Garcia
  • Social media chair - Rohan Pareek
  • Structure and policy chair - Brittney Walters
  • Student Chaplains - Richelle Jefferson; Alex Rueff
  • Student website chair - Omair Arain
  • T-shirt chairs - Walker Robinson; Anna O'Connor

Mentoring co-chairs:

  • Community Outreach: William Flowers
  • Internal Outreach: Raman Kaur
  • Undergraduate Outreach: Tori Wilson

Diversity co-chairs

  • Kandice Bailey
  • Danielle Porter

Philanthropy co-chairs

  • Bethany Summerford
  • Louise Spencer

PR chair

  • Trent Wilkerson

School cup chair

  • Kristen Garcia