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Associated Student Body

ASB presidentOn behalf of the associated student body, I would like to welcome you to the University of Mississippi Medical Center. Regardless of the program you're enrolled in today, you each represent a medical provider and/or scientist in the healthcare of tomorrow. If you ever have any questions, comments or concerns regarding your experience at UMMC, please reach out to your program's ASB representatives. We are looking forward to an amazing year ahead.

If you have any questions, comments, concerns, and/or suggestions that you would like to submit anonymously to the UMMC Associated Student Body, please select the link below and type your responses.

Suggestions or Constructive Criticism for the ASB

Yours in Service,

Blake Johns
ASB President

2018-19 officers

  • President - Blake Johns
  • Vice president - Bonnie Elizabeth Moore
  • Secretary - Meredith Cobb
  • Treasurer - Benjamin Rushing

2018-19 appointed ASB officers

  • Chief of staff - Tori Wilson
  • Accountability chair - Tilak Patel
  • Alumni Affairs liaisons - Danielle Block, Jack Hanson
  • Diversity and Inclusion chairs - Samiha Karim, John Aaron Howell
  • Election commissioner - Zack Watson
  • Communications liaison - Katie Wegener
  • Quality improvement chairs - Amanda Seals, Sean Himel, Stephanie Stokes
  • Interprofessional education chairs - Ford Franklin, Emily Ware
  • Intramurals chairs - Corbin May, Phillip Qu
  • Medic editor-in-chief - Sara Kiparizoska
  • Mentoring chairs - Kever Lewis, Sethelle Flowers, Jerry Rogers
  • Murmur editor-in-chief - John Bobo
  • Philanthropy chairs - Bethany Summerford, Louise Spencer
  • Public Relations chair - Hannah Roberts Badon
  • School Cup chair - Bobby May
  • Social media chair - Rohan Pareek
  • Structure and policy chair - Aalaap Desai
  • Student Chaplain - Rob Barber
  • Student website chair - Rana Gordji
  • T-shirt chairs - Walker Robinson, Anna O'Connor, Katherine Thiel
  • Wellness chairs - Wisam Beauti, Augustin Casals, Kelsey Berry

Diversity and Inclusion committee

  • Yassmin Hegazy
  • Omama Ahmad
  • Ariel Childs
  • Amy Kaur
  • Gurjit Kaur
  • Nikki Patel
  • Shivanthi Gandhi

Interprofessional Education committee

  • Catherine Bruni
  • Mark Lewis
  • Sam Thomas
  • Khoula Saleem
  • Madison Gray
  • Neil Shannon