Simulation and Interprofessional Education Center

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Simulation and Interprofessional Education Center

The Simulation and Interprofessional Education Center (SIEC) is an educational platform to support the UMMC educational and health care missions. We are here to serve the educational needs of all UMMC trainees, faculty and clinical services.

We are a division of UMMC Academic Affairs, which provides administrative and personnel oversight.

Mission statement

  • Improve patient care and safety by providing an outcome-based, integrative learning vehicle where critical patient care skills are introduced and improved in a safe environment with trainees' educational needs in focus.
  • Deliver innovative clinical skills training as academic and health system needs are identified.
  • Provide manikin and simulation-based training, clinical anatomy and small-group sessions by creating dynamic and efficient integrated training packages.
  • Help identify and implement innovative and emerging educational initiatives in UMMC's medical, dental and house officer curricula.
  • Offer interactive and hands-on critical skills workshops and continuing medical education (CME) forums for UMMC faculty and state physicians.
  • Offer Interprofessional team training activities that include medical students, residents, nurses and other health care professionals.
  • Serve as a key learning site for UMMC's Quality Enhancement Plan by engaging trainees in discussion and learning about professionalism, interpersonal communication, and medical ethics during simulated patient care scenarios simulation.
  • Enhance community outreach by providing tours of the facility to raise health awareness and recruit new trainees from diverse backgrounds.