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Continuing Health Professional Education (CHPE) is pleased to announce the roll-out of CE Central, the new enterprise solution to all things continuing education at UMMC. In November 2019, CHPE moved all live continuing education activities away from cvent. All future events will be in CE Central. Additionally, beginning Jan. 1, 2020, all regularly scheduled series and eLearning activities moved away from HealthStream and into CE Central, too!  This puts all CE credits and transcripts in one Central location. 

CE Central is a more user-friendly, web-based system that will allow you to be more involved and have more control of your continuing education efforts. Providers have not lost credits that have already been earned, their transcripts remain in HealthStream for past internal events, and cvent transcripts will be available in the new system.

All CE Requests (across all disciplines) will be entered and managed in CE Central. Please see tutorials for assistance.

  • CE Central addresses the five main priorities (pain points) identified with the previous system:   
  • Compliance with CE accreditation across all disciplines at UMMC;
  • External (non-UMMC) participants can now attend our RSS and receive credit at no charge (CHPE will absorb the additional cost of this activity);
  • Maintenance of Certification (MOC) credit for some activities and some disciplines will now be possible (CHPE will begin piloting some of these later this year after the CE Central roll-out has stabilized);
  • Immediate access to claim CE certificates following an event is now possible (Attendees can login and claim credit the same day they attend an event and no longer have to wait months for this data to be manually entered into Healthstream); and
  • Data integrity is no longer a concern since there is now one true source of all financial, attendee and compliance data.