Institutional Research

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Department of Institutional Research

The Department of Institutional Research serves as the coordinating unit for data gathering for external and internal reporting.

External reporting includes:

  • Compiling and filing reports required by the Mississippi IHL, the U.S. Department of Education and other governmental and private agencies and individuals.
  • Verification and approval of all statistics pertaining to the university that are released to any external agency.

Internal reporting includes:

  • Generating and compiling data used for university planning, decision-making and accreditations.

Data for both external and internal reporting are drawn from existing university databases. When data are not available, surveys and other means of data collection are used.


Institutional Research supports planning, accreditation, scholarship and other university needs by:

  • Providing data to answer questions about UMMC
  • Coordinating data sent outside UMMC
  • Assisting with surveys
  • Performing analysis and grading of tests