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Student Achievement

The mission of the University of Mississippi Medical Center is to improve the health and well-being of patients and the community through excellent training for health care professionals, engagement in innovative research, and the delivery of state-of-the-art health care. UMMC faculty provide learner-centered instruction, discipline-based training, and cross-specialty mentorship to prepare students to fulfill roles in health care delivery and biomedical research.

Achievement measures

UMMC evaluates student achievement through various measures. One such measure is demonstrated by student completion of programs and graduation within expected timelines. Although programs vary in expected lengths of completion time, UMMC students progress almost universally to graduation within their programs' expected time frame. This is a significant measure of our student achievement.

Retention Rate

1-year retention rate in programs at UMMC is a general measure of success.  Students enrolled in undergraduate programs typically have two years of course work at UMMC since students transfer general education core courses to UMMC.


Completion Rate

Completion rate is measured by graduation within 150% of the expected time to graduation. The numbers in the chart below contain students from all schools and programs (undergraduate and graduate). 


Another measure is demonstrated by student success after graduation. In most health care fields, student success is measured when students complete the licensure or certification needed for placement in the health care position for which they trained. The licensure and certification processes incorporate national examinations that serve as benchmarks for student learning. For UMMC students, the high percentage pass rate on licensure and certification exams validates the accomplishments of their educational programs.

Licensure Rate

Licensure or certification rate is determined by the percentage of students who pass a program’s national licensure or certification exam.



UMMC students pursuing doctoral degrees in health science research, for which national licensure and credentialing programs are not available, measure success by publication of original research in peer-reviewed journals. UMMC students publish at and above rates expected for students in health science research. This serves as a significant measure of our student achievement.

Publication rate

Publication rate is determined by the number of students that have been accepted as a first-authored publication. 


At UMMC, student achievement reflects the institutional commitment and vision to train committed health care professionals who work together to improve health outcomes and eliminate health disparities.

2020 Student Achievement Data