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IP Institutional Effectiveness Plans (IEPs) and Reports

Every instructional program in the School of Dentistry, School of Graduate Studies in the Health Sciences, School of Health Related Professions, School of Medicine, School of Nursing, and the John D. Bower School of Population Health submits an annual institutional effectiveness plan (IEP, also known as an "assessment plan") and an IEP report to the Office of Assessment in the Office of the Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs. Reports are reviewed by the Office of Assessment and/or the Institutional Assessment Committee for evidence that:

  • programs assess student learning/achievement in alignment with stated outcomes
  • programs move beyond a plan for using assessment data to improve
  • programs implement actions/changes
  • reported programmatic changes are shown to be based upon the assessment process and the results that led to those changes
  • the program clearly shows how goals and assessment processes have resulted in positive unit change.

In demonstrating effectiveness, programs are responsible for collecting “actionable” data that has the ability to point to whether or not improvements are needed, and if so, what type. Programs are ultimately charged with administering an assessment process that identifies meaningful expected outcomes and includes appropriate and useful ways to assess those expected outcomes. The resulting data must then be used to make needed improvements.

Student achievement

The fruits of the programmatic assessment process are evident in the notable achievement of UMMC graduates. The UMMC Office of Academic Effectiveness publishes statistics on various dimensions of student achievement.

In sum, programs at UMMC work to equip students with the skills, knowledge and attitudes necessary to meet the demands of a changing health care landscape, and calls for increased research productivity. Through innovative learning methods and exposure to state of the art technology graduates of UMMC are expanding the nation's ranks of highly skilled professionals and promoting a Healthier Mississippi.

Submitting IP reports and plans

Instructional program (IP) reports and plans are submitted through Nuventive Improve, UMMC's institutional assessment management platform. Click here to log in. For more information about Nuventive Improve, click here.

Assessment schedule

End-of-Cycle IEP Report Due
Submission of Report (V.1)August 1
Revision (Final Report)September 1
Assessment Plan Due
Submission of Assessment Plan (V.1)September 1
Revision (Final Plan)October 1