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Annual AES Assessment Plan

Annual assessment plans (also know as institutional effectiveness plans - IEPs) consist of the following:

Mission statement

  • A brief statement of the general values and principles which guide the unit.
  • Communicates the overall purpose of the unit.

Unit information

  • Unit representatives
  • Unit alignment with institutional goals
  • Date and venue for team-based discussions on assessment plans and analysis/use of data
  • Supervisor approval

Three outcome statements

  • Statements indicating the recipient of the unit's service and the impact (gain or benefit) of the service on the recipient.
  • Outcomes for AES units often focus on process improvement; addressing areas related to efficiency, effectiveness.
  • If a unit works directly with students, at least one outcome relates to students.
  • If a unit works directly with distance learners, at least one outcome relates to the effective provision of service to distance learners.

Each outcome statement is accompanied by:

  • Means of assessment
    • Description of data collection methods
  • A rationale for means of assessment
    • Linking a previous outcome assessment to the current cycle
    • Offering motivation for outcome assessment or re-assessment
    • Expressing how the means of assessment addresses unit goal attainment
  • Criteria for success
    • Targeted numerical value representing a point of achievement

Outcomes are also individually mapped to institutional goals to further demonstrate alignment with strategic plan initiatives.