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Assessment Essentials Training

The Office of Assessment provides Assessment Essentials training in conjunction with Nuventive Improve training. Assessment Essentials training is an interactive workshop specifically designed to inform assessment contributors about assessment best practice, UMMC assessment procedures and timelines, and assessment resources. Submitters gain information on definitions of major elements in the assessment process and learn to examine data over time, while reviewers receive an overview of reviewer responsibilities and obtain guidance on "how and when" to complete assessment related tasks.

Based on a collection of narrated modules located in the UMMC Nuventive Improve document repository, the session provides participants with an overview of the language of assessment. While the narrated series is designed to provide on-demand user-friendly access to assessment resources, a detailed explanation of the assessment framework, and a thorough description of cycle activities, the face-to-face tutorial is intended to readily equip attendees with a working knowledge of assessment principles.

At the conclusion of the session, participants are not only prepared to use data to inform decisions for continued quality improvement in their respective areas, but they are also able to utilize the assessment framework for meaningfully reporting on outcome achievement and unit/program effectiveness.

Although Assessment Essentials training is offered to both AES and IP cycle contributors, the content of the session (and narrated modules) varies according to the needs of the different groups. Members of the Institutional Assessment Committee, for example, receive instruction on the use of assessment scoring rubrics in addition to information that identifies attributes of a well-crafted effectiveness report.

Contributors to UMMC's institutional effectiveness process can register for Assessment Essentials training by following the links provided in Assessment Essentials training announcements or by clicking here.

Assessment Essentials trainings are offered year-round for to train new submitters or reviewers, refresh knowledge of the process, and enhance the understanding of the role of assessment.

The table below shows when Assessment Essentials training opportunities are offered.

AESSubmittersAssessment EssentialsDecember-February
AESReviewersAssessment EssentialsFebruary
IPSubmittersAssessment EssentialsJune-August
IPReviewersAssessment EssentialsAugust