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workday logo.jpgWelcome to UMMC's Workday Site, your source for updates, tip sheets, and other communications about UMMC's Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, Workday. Throughout 2018 and 2019, Workday will begin replacing Lawson as UMMC’s online portal for managing your information.

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Workday 'Play' Tenant Log-in

UMMC’s Workday “Play” Tenant gives UMMC employees a chance to log in and explore the Workday environment before we go-live with the system. None of the data you’ll find in the “Play” Tenant is real or associated with UMMC, as it was created specifically for this simulation. This tenant will give you a chance to experience Workday and familiarize yourself with the look and feel, so that you’re prepared once your team’s Workday accounts are created.

Take a look and experience Workday for yourself!

Workday Community

The Workday Community is an interactive space designed to help users deepen their understanding of Workday applications and maximize their time. Once you request and receive access from our team, you’ll gain access to a vast collaborate portal where you can search for Workday tips and tricks, best practices, and more as you navigate through Workday.

Workday Introduction Videos

Here's a first glance of how Workday will fit into your role at UMMC! These videos will help you understand topics such as getting started with Workday, Time Tracking, Performance,  Time off, and more: