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Med/Peds Curriculum

The Med/Peds residency program curriculum includes:

PGY 1 Year
RotationNumber of monthsCall frequency
UMMC/VA Medicine Wards2Night float/shifts
Med/Peds Ambulatory1None
Medicine Neurology1None
Medicine ED1Shifts
Pediatric Elective21-2 nights per month
Pediatric ED1Shifts
Pediatric Wards1Night float/shifts
Pediatric Night Float1Night shifts
PGY 2 Year
UMMC/VA Medicine Wards2Night float/shifts
Medicine Cardiology13-4 night shifts
Medicine Subspecialty Wards1None
Medicine Elective2None
Pediatric Wards1Night float
Pediatric ED1Shifts
Pediatric Heme/Onc1None
Community Med/Peds Ambulatory11-2 per month
Pediatric Elective11-2 per month
PGY 3 Year
UMMC/VA Medicine Wards2Night float
Medicine Subspecialty Ward12-3 night shifts
Geriatrics12-3 night shifts
Medicine Electives2None
Pediatric Wards1Night float
Newborn Nursery1None
Adolescent/Child Development11-2 per month
Pediatric Electives21-2 per month
PGY 4 Year
UMMC/VA Medicine Wards1Night float
VA MICU1Shifts
Medicine Subspecialty12-3 night shifts
Medicine Electives3None
Pediatric Wards1Night Float
Pediatric ED1Shifts
Adolescent/Child Development11-2 per month
Pediatric Night Float1Night float
Pediatric Electives21-2 per month