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    How to Create a FSA Identification (ID)

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    Promoting Healthy Credit Awareness

    Credit Management
    FICO Score
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    Credit Cards

    Protecting Yourself
    Credit Scams
    Identity Theft

    Student Loan Repayment
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Student Financial Aid

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  • Welcome to Student Financial Aid

    The Financial Aid Office helps students meet their education expenses while attending The University of Mississippi Medical Center. Assistance is provided through grants, scholarships, student employment, and loans.

    SCHOOL CODE - 004688


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    Summer 2016 Disbursement Schedule


     M3, D3, D4 , OT &  PT  with the exception of Perkins


     SHRP, NURSING, & GRADUATE SCHOOL with the exception of Perkins, Federal Nursing Loans and IHL.


     M4 with the exception of Perkins and IHL funds. 


    Summer 2016 Bookstore Charge Dates 


     5/22/2016 - 5/30/2016

    M3, M4, D3, D4, OT, PT 

     5/22/2016 - 6/12/2016



    Please note: Your financial aid file must be complete and you must accept your financial aid Awards on the MYU Web Portal prior to funds being posted to your student tuition account. Ensure that all requirements are met at least 3 business days prior to the scheduled disbursement date

    If selected for verification, click here.

    Please direct any questions or concerns to acct-financial-aid@umc.edu or call (601) 984-1117 to make an appointment to meet with a Financial Aid advisor.