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Monday, May 12, 2014

Ride the Wave into Our Future

Published in VC's Notes on May 12, 2014
Happy Hospital Week! We are thrilled we have the opportunity to celebrate all of the good work done by every one of you each day. There are no easy jobs in a hospital and health system, and we are very appreciative of all your efforts.Â

Ride the Wave logoThis year we chose the theme of “Ride the Wave” for Hospital Week. This theme is a reminder that our industry is entering stormy seas. Hospital systems are under incredible pressure to change, adapt, and do more with less. For us to be successful, we can’t fight the inevitable. We should not stand on the seashore, know the tide is coming in, and try to hold back the water. We would inevitably fail if we tried to do so. Our approach should be to use the incoming tide and the energy of the waves to propel us faster toward our goals. In other words, we should surf the waves of change. Occasionally we’ll have setbacks but what matters is that we get right back on the board again.Â

Join us in embracing the changes flowing through our industry. Help us to provide ever higher levels of quality while being ever more efficient. We have a great organization filled with very talented people. Together we can meet whatever challenges that our changing industry throws at us, all the while providing the personal, caring service that our patients and their families deserve.Â

We are truly grateful to be part of UMMC at this time in its history. Our trajectory is strong. We have come a long way over the last ten years. Let’s build on this momentum and surf to ever-higher levels of performance.Â

For a complete list of Hospital Week activities, go here.

We hope you enjoy Hospital Week and thanks again for all you do!

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