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    Physiology Seminar 

    Mechanisms of Acute Kidney Injury Following Orthopedic Trauma in Obese Rats
    Peter Mittwede
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    Congratulations to Dr. Frank Spradley, the recipient of the Fleur L. Strand Professional Opportunity Award. This award is sponsored by the American Physiological Society and was named for Fleur L. Strand, Professor Emeritus from New York University. Dr. Strand was the first to show that stress‐evoked hormones, such as adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH), could have a direct effect on peripheral systems, such as muscle, independent of the adrenal gland.  This effect was demonstrated in developing and regenerating neuromuscular systems.  It was previously believed that ACTH could only act through the adrenal gland. (Source: American Physiological Society)


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    Welcome to the Department of Physiology and Biophysics. Our primary mission is to maintain the highest possible level of productivity and excellence in teaching, research and service programs to the University of Mississippi Medical Center and to the national and scientific community.

    We use an integrative approach to study cardiovascular, renal, neuro-endocrine and metabolic systems in normal physiology and certain diseases. Our graduate program contains a strong emphasis on research and on integrating whole animal physiology with genetics, molecular and cellular biology. Our graduate program has outstanding mentoring and provides highly qualified students the opportunity to obtain a PhD or MD/PhD degree.