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  • Graduate Program in Neuroscience

    Earn your PhD through the UMMC Graduate Program in Neuroscience. The experience will give you deep roots in the nervous system’s anatomy, physiology and behavior, broad exposure to a multidisciplinary cross section of research areas and complete preparation to write winning grant proposals and conduct first-rate laboratory research. In addition, the Program emphasizes preparation for the range of career opportunities open to neuroscientists including research, teaching, public policy, business, journalism and law.

     The Program in Neuroscience is a premier interdisciplinary doctoral program that puts students at the intersection of basic science and translational research, where laboratory findings can be moved into clinical applications to improve health.

    Research in the Program in Neuroscience is highly collaborative with strong collegial relationships among our faculty. Build your laboratory skills through hands-on experience in numerous labs while pursuing your degree. Graduate with published research, experience in teaching and public speaking, and the confidence necessary to launch your career using your neuroscience training to achieve success in a profession as unique as you are.