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Associated Student Body

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  • Associated Student Body

    The ASB is a collection of elected students from all of the schools on campus. Our job is to fill the void between class work and sleep by promoting social events, community service activities, leadership opportunities, intramural sports and everything else needed for a well-balanced individual. We are also the platform to raise student concerns or ideas to the administration and are responsible for communicating administrative decisions back to the students. Essentially we are here to serve you and make your life at UMMC more enjoyable.

    Bradley Deere
    Bradley Deere

    When you think our social events, you think of our big parties. We usually have six a year: Back to School party, Halloween party, Claus Ball, Anatomy Ball, Ambulance Chase party, and the Crawfish party. We also promote many smaller weekly functions, such as family game night and dinner and a movie. Throughout the year, we will also provide tickets to the Mississippi Braves games, Mississippi Symphony Orchestra and other events that occur around Jackson.

    If you are interested in community service, you do not have to look far. Generally there is someone needing help every weekend. Usually community service activities are advertised by e-mail from the community service representative from your class or from the school community service representative.

    I would like to encourage you all to get involved as much as you can on campus. Being in a leadership position can truly enhance your experience at UMMC. There is always a need for more help and fresh ideas. Please find out when your school holds elections or run for one of the four campus-wide positions held each spring. If all else fails and you are still brimming with ideas on how to make our school a better place, just e-mail me . We can find a way for you to get involved.

    Please e-mail me with questions about anything at bdeere@umc.edu

    Bradley Deere 
    Associated Student Body President
    School of Medicine Class of 2014