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Tuition and Fees - University of Mississippi Medical Center

Download the Tuition Tables handout (.pdf) View the links below to find information about tuition rates for in-state and out-of-state students in both undergraduate All RN-BSN and BSN students: Select

Forms - University of Mississippi Medical Center

DepartmentForm NameBriefAccounts PayableInterdepartmental CommunicationCommunication documenting reason(s) an invoice cannot be In-State Travel Log Employee Tuition Benefit Form, UMMC Students

University of Mississippi Medical Center

Invoice for Professional and Consulting Services In-State Travel Log Request for Account/Change of Account Request for Petty Cash Fund / Change of Fund Employee Tuition Benefit Form

titletoc.pdf school of medicine school of dentistry school of health related professions school of pharmacy school of graduate studies 6 TUITION AND FEES 105 TUITION AND REQUIRED FEES 159 TUITION AND FEES


Minutes of Faculty Senate January 15, D505, 1 pm Dentistry: E Hill, T. Perkins (for L Fawad), D residents of neighboring states (or just border counties) to attend at the “in-statetuition rate.

Predoctoral Financial Assistance - University of Mississippi Medical Center

Click the links below to find Students receiving a stipend are assessed in-state fees. In addition to the above, information concerning loans to cover tuition and personal expenses may be obtained for

Purpose of this Handbook

1 2 TABLE OF CONTENTS I. INTRODUCTION 39 6 I. INTRODUCTION This handbook is a guide to the procedural aspects of obtaining a graduate degree at the University of Mississippi Medical Center (UMMC

The Pathway to Medical School

uBCPM 3.64–Mean oGPA 3.70–12 schools in-state, 17 out-of state–28 different majors, 48% biology –33 presentation.pdf

Admission Standards and Legal Policy - University of Mississippi Medical Center

Strong preference is given to applicants who are legal residents of Mississippi Tuition and Fees car tag, voter registration card, proof of in-state banking and proof of a permanent in-state domicile.


STATE OF MISSISSIPPI INSTITUTIONS OF HIGHER LEARNING Financial Statements with Additional Information and Reports Required by OMB Circular A-133 June 30, 2010 and 2009 (With Independent Auditors’

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