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Personal Training

The University Wellness Center offers personal training options to help you reach your individual health and fitness goals. You can exercise one-on-one or in pairs with a certified personal trainer. The trainer will customize your workouts to ensure safe and effective progress. You will receive both instruction and encouragement from your trainer to help you reach your goals.

All of our fitness professionals have a four-year degree in exercise science, so you know you are getting proper advice.

With help from a personal trainer, you can:

  • Improve your overall fitness in strength, coordination, posture, endurance, and flexibility;
  • Learn new skills;
  • Find the correct way to workout and use fitness equipment;
  • Focus on unique health concerns such as arthritis, diabetes, back pain, rehabilitation;
  • Become more motivated to workout through encouragement and overcoming obstacles;
  • Reach or maintain a healthy weight: body fat reduction, body toning, shaping, and muscle building.

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We offer a wide variety of memberships at University Wellness Center. We provide the highest level of fitness programs to help you meet your personal goals. Your physical fitness and wellness are our top priority.

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