Faculty Practice

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  • Faculty practice

    Faculty practice at the University of Mississippi School of Nursing includes all aspects of reimbursed health-care services.

    The purpose of faculty practice is to accomplish the following:

    • Improve the health-care services throughout the state through evidence-based practice.
    • Create a mutually beneficial environment for learning and practice among professional nurses.
    • Create an environment to enhance health care through research endeavors.
    • Provide nursing education experiences in faculty practice settings.

    To accomplish these goals, faculty members developed and implemented the following nurse-managed clinics:

    • UNACARE Family Health Clinic - June 1998 to present
    • Johnson Elementary School Clinic - August 1999 to present
    • Mercy Delta Express - 2000 to present
    • Brown/Rowan School Clinic - 2008 to present
    • Lanier Teen Wellness Clinic - 2015 to present