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PhD is Nursing Purpose and Outcomes

The purpose of the PhD in Nursing is to prepare nurse researchers to generate and translate knowledge toward improving the health of individuals, families, communities and populations. Graduates will be prepared to meet state, regional, national and international needs for doctorally prepared faculty members in schools of nursing and other leadership positions in health-related organizations.

PhD program outcomes

Upon completion of the program, graduates will be prepared to:

  • Design, conduct, direct and disseminate research in nursing and health.
  • Test and/or generate concepts, theories and models for the advancement of nursing science and practice.
  • Assume a leadership role in the generation and implementation of solutions for reduction of health disparities and improvement in health outcomes.


This program is a collaborative PhD program between the University of Mississippi Medical Center and the University of Southern Mississippi. Each institution grants its own degree; however, there are similar admission requirements and common core courses. Both schools offer courses that have been identified as "core." Students may take any of the core courses at either university. Courses successfully completed at one institution will be accepted without reservation at the other and will not count as transfer credits. Each school offers its own selected fields of study, and students will receive their degrees from the institution that offers the area of study selected by the students.