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  • Computer Policy

    Required laptops

    Entering medical students are required to own a laptop computer that meets the annually revised School of Medicine Minimum Laptop Specifications. Funds are budgeted in the student financial aid package to reimburse the student for purchase of a laptop computer. Students should purchase a laptop meeting or exceeding the UMMC minimum specifications from regular retail channels. High-end laptops from any IBM-PC or Apple-compatible manufacturer should be acceptable. Students will be personally responsible for maintenance and repair of their laptop; therefore, a 3-year maintenance and repair contract purchased from the original equipment manufacturer or vendor is recommended.

    All students are required to use and maintain UMMC-supplied anti-virus/spyware software to be allowed access to the UMMC public wireless network and resources. Students should acquire their laptop prior to the first week of August. Students will need to bring their functional laptops to a computer orientation seminar to be held on the last day of registration/orientation before classes begin. Attendance at this seminar is required for student access to UMMC resources.

    Touch-screen computers

    IPads or similar touch-screen computers are not as well suited to classroom work as a laptop or a netbook. An iPad can be used during class to follow along with PowerPoint slides being presented in class. An app for iPad will do this, as can Safari. iPad cannot save a ppt file from the curriculum management site (Canvas) and doesn't enable annotating lecture slides while they are being presented in class. To perform this task, you will need a full-fledged laptop (PC or Mac) and Microsoft Office PowerPoint.

    In addition, if you choose to bring a iPad, you will need to provide a laptop or desktop computer to synchronize it at home. A laptop is required to take online and in-class examinations administered over Wi-Fi using ExamSoft and other examination software. A laptop will also be able to download podcasts into your iTunes from our audiovisual server while you are on campus using our public Wi-Fi. The iPad has the iPod app (not iTunes) and will have to be loaded with podcasts by synchronizing the iPad to your laptop with the iTunes used to download them. The iPad1 or iPad2 also lacks a USB/thumb drive port for exchanging files and will not play Flash-based video (found on many websites). Our library has the capability of printing documents from laptops but not from an iPad. Printing from iPad requires a certain brand of wireless printer or a printing app and a different brand of wireless printer. We don't have an iPad Wi-Fi printer in the library for student use.

    The choice of device is yours to make, but be sure to bring the best technology you are comfortable with, that will help you to do your job and enable you to hit the ground running when you get to medical school.

    Questions about required products or the laptop specifications should be e-mailed to Dr. Jerry Clark.