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Residents and Fellows

Welcome to all residents and fellows to the University of Mississippi Medical Center, where our training programs are among the strongest in the nation. You will benefit from a diverse patient population, a heavy emphasis on productive teaching rounds, attention to the proper balance between supervision and autonomy, and sensitivity to feedback and evaluations.

A number of our faculty members in the general medicine and hospitalist divisions have superior educational backgrounds, and we offer robust fellowship training programs in every major subspecialty. 

Our innovative approach to education has allowed us to adapt well to changes in duty hours and to the ever-changing demands that challenge young physicians, professionally and personally. For several years now, we have maintained a presence at several regional and national educational and scientific meetings, as our residents have been evermore active in scholarship, research and quality improvement. 

Our graduating residents enjoy a set of skills that prepare them for a wide variety of career choices – in a general medicine or a subspecialty, in an academic or private practice setting.

Our alumni provide valuable feedback about their readiness to become independent physicians, and we respond by making effective and appropriate changes in programs.

Please take the time to read through the information here on our website. If you have any questions, we always welcome personal contact.