Plastic Hand Surgery Fellowship

Plastic/Hand Surgery Fellowship

songcharoen,-somprasong.jpgAs the program director, I want to welcome you to our hand fellowship in the Plastic and Hand Surgery Division at UMMC.

The goal of this program is to enhance and broaden the skills of the fellow in diagnosis and management of the upper extremity injuries. The fellow will learn the diagnosis of hand injuries, diseases and afflictions while learning to perform appropriate surgical and non-surgical management, follow-up care and rehabilitation with supervised hands-on experience training.

This fellowship covers the full range of hand surgery - tendon repair and reconstruction, tumors/ nerve repair and reconstruction, infections, vascular injuries and disorders, and microvascular surgery.

Fellows have a schedule with plastic surgeons at the University of Mississippi Medical Center and the VA, and rotate with members of the Department of Orthopedics and several members of the community.

Fellows give weekly conference and participate in the formal management of patients and gets involved in clinical planning and treatment.

We are proud of our fellowship and we welcome each of you.

Somprasong Songcharoen, MD
Hand Surgery Fellowship Director