Body Imaging

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Current Grant-Funded Research Proposals

NIH SBIR Phase II Study (Score 15)

  • 8/5/2014 to 8/4/2016
  • Salivary-based bone loss marker detection platform for point-of-care screening
  • Goal: To develop a point-of-care salivary screening test for detected low bone density using quantitative CT imaging bone density analysis as the gold standard.
  • Academic Co-PI: Andrew D. Smith, MD, PhD; and Roger Johnson, DDS, PhD
  • Co-I: Danny Hankins, MD
  • Subaward: $300,000 (direct and indirect costs)

Pfizer Investigator Initiated Research Program (WS1905351) Renewal

  • 5/31/2013 to 1/31/2015
  • Identifying and Validating Potential CT Imaging Biomarkers and Criteria to Predict Disease Outcome in Metastatic Renal Cell Carcinoma on Anti-Angiogenic Therapy
  • Goal: To develop a CT imaging biomarker to predict disease outcome in metastatic RCC on anti-angiogenic therapy.
  • PI: Andrew D. Smith, MD, PhD
  • Co-I: Frederico Souza, MD; Manohar Roda, MD
  • Award: $123,439 (direct and indirect costs)

NIH/NHLBI-HV-13-10 contract (HHSN268201300047C) Subaward

  • 8/16/2013 to 4/30/2018
  • The Jackson Heart Study (JHS) Field Center
  • Goal: To assist with imaging data analysis in the Jackson Heart Study, a multi-center investigation of predictors of cardiovascular disease in 5,301 African Americans living in Jackson, Miss., that aims to follow-up study participants, conduct surveillance of clinical events, conduct data analysis, publish manuscripts and facilitate training and field practicum opportunities in cardiovascular research for early career investigators and students.
  • PI: Herman Taylor, MD; Adolfo Correa, PhD
  • Co-I: Andrew D. Smith, MD, PhD
  • Award: 5% salary support