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Fazlay Faruque, PhD


Dr. Fazlay Faruque is a professor of Preventive Medicine and the founding Director of GIS & Remote Sensing program at UMMC. In addition to his expertise in environmental health, he brings geospatial techniques to the health scientists to conduct spatial analysis for epidemiological and health care-related studies. He has been engaged in teaching and research in the areas of geospatial technology and environmental health for more than twenty five years. Dr. Faruque has provided leadership in his field at the national and international levels. Two workshops he conducted at UMMC in 2003 for NASA and CDC resulted in an MOU between these two federal agencies “to explore the application of Earth system science, technology, and data to environmental public health." 

Dr. Faruque is now serving as the Chair of the Inter-commission Working Group on Environment and Health of the International Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (ISPRS) for the term of 2016-2020. He was also the Chair of the Working Group on Health of ISPRS for the term of 2012-2016. Dr. Faruque is as book editor and also a guest editor for journals with special issues focusing on geospatial applications in health. 

His research interests evolve around different areas of population health including geographic health disparities, community assessment, environmental exposures, and community health improvements. He has secured more than $3.5 million for projects related to these areas by several funding agencies including NASA and NIH.